This week Wizards of the Coast has announced that in-store Magic: The Gathering events are coming back in a big way. 

Over 170 stores across ANZ will participate in the ‘Store Challenger Series’ with promos and championships on the line. 

Each four Series over the coming months, and each will feature two formats of choice. A unique foil promo will headline each of the Series’ which includes two with brand new art.   

  • June 21st – July 18th: Sealed or Draft
    Promo: Moraug, Fury of Akoum

  • August 9th – September 5th: Modern or Standard
    Promo: Ox of Agonas

  • October 11th – November 7th: Standard or Limited
    Promo: Angrath, the Flame-Chained

  • December 6th – January 16th: Standard or Limited
    Promo: Tahngarth, First Mate



Participating stores must host at least four qualifier events during the 6-month window. The top two players from each qualifier will be called back for the Store Championship sometime early in 2022.

If you’re ready to get back into some local MTG action, you can find your local participating store here