It’s not too long now until New Pokémon Snap releases for the Nintendo Switch. This morning, Nintendo released a super-insightful six-and-a-half-minute trailer that gets into the games scoring system’s minutia. 

The trailer explained several of the game items and how they’ll help you get better photos of pokémon.

You can throw down Fluffruit that Pokémon will snack on, allowing you to get a better picture. However, the trailer does show that several Pokémon may not care for Fluffruit. 

The Illumina Orb will wake up pokémon and fill them with ‘life energy.’ 

You can play the ‘Melody’ to get different types of Pokémon to dance, although I wouldn’t expect them all to react to music. 

You’ll also have access to a scan that’ll let you find hidden Pokémon or find hidden things in your surroundings. Some Pokémon will even react to the scan. Most importantly, it seems the scan will let you find secret or alternative routes that I assume lead to hidden Pokémon within levels that’d you’d miss on the regular course. 

Your main goal in New Pokémon Snap seems to be about discovering the secrets of the Illumina Pokémon. You’re also trying to complete your photo-dex and get max rank in each of the game areas. 

The trailer also showcased the different types of features you have access to when taking photos. This includes focal point and adding ridiculous stickers. Go wild. 

Check out the full video below.

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