Product Manufacturer: Nyxi Gaming
$96.18 AUD
Estimated Time With Gear:
Approximately Four Weeks

What Is It?: Controller for Switch with LED lighting
Compatible With:
Nintendo Switch, Lite ( on frame only), OLED

The Nyxi Joy-Pad Eight Colour LED Controller is one of the many alternative controllers on the market for the Nintendo Switch. Initially, I discovered it via an ad on Facebook as the colouring drew my gaze; after reading about the features, I decided to contact Nyxi Gaming to get my hands on a set to review. Delivery time was prompt, and I’ve been putting the controller to good use over the last four weeks. 

The joypads come in a simple package with all the standard accessories you might need, the two joypads, left and right, a centre frame for the joypads, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and the instruction manual. After unpacking the unit, the connection process was extremely simple. By docking the two joypads onto the side of the Switch just like the standard joy-cons, they will automatically sync up. After the initial connection, the joypads can power on the Switch wirelessly with the press of the home and screenshot buttons on the joypads, respectively, a most helpful feature. 

Once connected, the fun begins. There are a multitude of features on the joypads to play with the joypads rumble. Six-axis gyros, eight-colour LED with three colour modes, a turbo function. The joypads are surprisingly accurate for a third-party accessory. The battery life for the joypads is suggested at eight hours play and twenty hours standby, much like the standard joy-cons, and a short 2-3 hr charging time; during my review, this specification has held true. The joypads also have multiple charging options like charging on the Nintendo Switch, via the USB-C ports, or from a charging dock. 

The lighting functions are easy to manage, and the memory lasts once set. I had mine set as solid orange as it is my favourite colour, but there are eight colour options, and each side is individually chosen, so it’s easy enough to find one that suits your predilections. Other options include steady breathing and a rotating rainbow selection for those who are fans of alternative RGB options. The joypads allow you to choose between several vibration functions, five in total ranging from a strong 100% setting down to a 30% or switched off completely. 

Lastly is the turbo and button mapping functions. Mapping a button to the rear is a simple process; setting it as a turbo functionality, then mapping clones a button from the joypad that can include any face or trigger buttons from the right or left joypad, respectively. The turbo function allows that button to be rapidly pressed with only the holding of the rear button. This function can be turned on or off but was handy in shooting games for weapons without full auto functionality. 

The joypads are naturally more prominent than the standard joy-cons, and this is one of their benefits as well as being as light as the standard joy-cons, they have a better fit in the palm of your hand, making them preferable to use. The texture isn’t much to look at, but it felt phenomenal in my hand. They felt ergonomic and light, and the larger joysticks fit my gaming profile to a tee. The option to have them stand-alone or on the Nintendo Switch was a handy notion. I used mine primarily as a Pro Controller, using the centre frame. The textured grip on the joypads held them firm in my hands during longer play sessions, and the grip on the side of the joysticks meant less slipping off during high-action gaming. 

During the four weeks of having the joypads, I found myself using them on mainly Metroid: DreadMario Kart 8, and Broforce. They seemed the perfect games to test them on, and I tried both handheld and in the controller format and found that with the new OLEDs stand, it was more comfortable to play with the Switch on the desk and the controller in hand. The wireless functions had no lag during play, and the joysticks were quite accurate. The benefit of carrying these joypads over my Pro Controller is that I can use them on the device or as stand-alone controllers. The wake-up function on the Pro Controller is too easily activated, usually causing the battery on either device to run down while stored in my bag.

In conclusion, I see the Nyxi Joy-Pad Eight Colour LED Controller as a great alternative to the basic joy-cons and Pro Controller; although it’s worth mentioning, it doesn’t have the amiibo function. The contours are comfortable in hand, and the larger joysticks made it easier to play and aim. I experienced no issues with the controllers, and the battery life meant that even my longest gaming sessions were uninterrupted. The ability to switch up play styles from controller form to the Switch meant that I was always comfortable while playing. I recommend this controller for anyone looking for something a bit more colourful and anyone with larger hands.

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