PAX AUS Sched Thumbnail.png

If you live n Melbourne and want to walk past the Melbourne International Convention Centre you’ll notice that PAX AUS 2019 signage is going up, and that’s because PAX Australia is only a month away. 

Taking place from October 11th till 13th, the event will once again see thousands playing a variety of games on the show floor, from upcoming triple-a games from big-name publishers to home-grown indies like the Indie Showcase Winners. 

Of course, there’s more than just PLAYING games (including board games galore) there’s a whole heap of panels to attend at all hours of the day. If you’re looking to find out what some of those are, you can find that information available now via the handy PAX AUS 2019 app, which I would suggest installing. Mark all the panels that you’re interested in, even if they compete with one another, and then work out some sort of plan from there. Preparation is often key for a big event like PAX AUS. 

Of course, you can also look forward to more from PAX as we’ll be at PAX AUS covering as much as we can for you from the show floor.