Last night, I complained about how we still don’t have Australian pricing for PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Deluxe on a podcast that’ll post tomorrow morning that’ll now be somewhat pointless. Nonetheless, PlayStation Australia must have heard me as they’ve now posted what the pricing will be and confirmed the launch date, which is June 22. 

PlayStation Plus Essential

“Enhance your PlayStation experience with core features, including online multiplayer access, two PS4 and one PS5 game to download every month, exclusive discounts, and more.”

  • 1 month – $11.95

  • 3 months – $33.95

  • 12 months – $79.95

PlayStation Plus Extra

“Enjoy all PlayStation Plus Essential benefits, and explore a world of incredible gaming experiences with the Game Catalog, featuring hundreds of downloadable PS4 and PS5 games.”

  • 1 month – $18.95 

  • 2 months – $54.95

  • 12 months – $134.95

PlayStation Plus Deluxe

“Get all PlayStation Plus benefits from the other plans, plus game trials, and access to definitive games from years gone by in the Classics Catalogue.”

  • 1 month – $21.95

  • 3 months – $63.95

  • 12 months – $154.95

The pricing works out roughly what I’d guessed in my original article when the PlayStation Plus changes were announced. We don’t get PlayStation Plus Premium in Australia because we don’t have Cloud Streaming, but the rough conversion from USD to AUD for a year of Premium was $179.95, and a year of Deluxe will cost us $154.95.

We don’t know what exactly is included in the “Classic Catalogue” of the PlayStation Plus Deluxe tier we don’t know yet. In the coming months, we’ll learn what games other territories have access to, but I would expect there to be some region exclusives by the time it launches on June 22 in Australia.