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PAX Australia 2019 Dates Revealed As Oct 11-13

by Dylan Blight

PAX AUS is taking place a little earlier in 2019 and it’s hopefully going to work out all the better.

For the last two years (also coincidentally the two years the Explosion Network has attended PAX), PAX Australia has fallen in-line with some of the biggest releases of the year, as well as Melbourne’s International Games Week.

Last year, for example, Red Dead Redemption 2 was released during PAX AUS making for an awkward choice of priorities for a lot of people.

The Melbourne International Games Week hasn’t announced its schedule yet, so it’s unknown if they will move to the same week as PAX.

Tickets for PAX AUS 2019 aren’t on sale just yet but stay tuned for that information and much more on PAX in the future.