Pistol Whip Reveal.png

Shoot to the beat in Pistol Whip, a music rhythm game that is coming later this year from developer Cloudhead.

Ending the first UploadVR E3 Presentation, the reveal trailer for the game has the developers pitching Pistol Whip as a mix of Beat Saber and Superhot, which is sure to excite anyone.

Cloudhead explains that the game is a “music rhythm FPS” in their eyes. You don’t have to be good at FPS games and you don’t have to be good at rhythm games. There’s no strict accuracy needed to land shots on enemies, and on the rhythm front, you don’t need to hit enemies in a certain order to play to the music.

The trailer sets-up the hype for a potentially really fun music rhythm game to join the ranks of and likes of Beat Saber, but we need to see some more gameplay, or even better, play the game.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think of this music rhythm FPS.

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