Star Wars has been waiting to have a new Trading Card Game for well over ten years at this point, but the release of Star Wars: Unlimited is about to change all of that as the new TGC from Fantasy Flight Games

What you may be thinking is, “Didn’t Disney just release their own card game?” Kind of. Disney’s Lorcana was released this year, though not in Australia, but Ravenscroft produces that card game. This Star Wars TCG is in the hands of Fantasy Flight Games and Asmodee, and by all accounts, Disney doesn’t have too much of a hand in either of these games. It’s a fitting home for the Star Wars game, with Fantasy Flight Games having a bunch of Star Wars games under their umbrella currently, from X-Wing to Shatterpoint and more.

In Star Wars: Unlimited, players will build 50-card decks of heroes and villains based around one “Leader” character who commands your forces. You’ll then battle it out with the rest of the cards in your deck. 

Star Wars: Unlimited will launch on March 8th, 2024, with a Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader two-player starter deck and boosters to help build your collection of the 200 cards in the initial set.