JustWatch has revealed the most streamed movies and TV shows from October 16th to 23rd.

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Barbie is still holding strong as we head into the last week of October. Some new Netflix films have made their way into the top ten this week with The Devil on Trial and Old Dads, while some of the horror films seem to have dropped this week between Totally Killer moving down the list and Pearl falling out completely.

The surprise addition to the list is The Captive, a 2014 thriller starring Ryan Reynolds. It was recently added to Stan, and other than that, I can’t find a reason why it’s trending.

  1. Barbie
  2. The Equalizer 3
  3. Talk to Me
  4. The Burial
  5. Totally Killer
  6. The Devil on Trial
  7. Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
  8. The Captive
  9. No Hard Feelings
  10. Old Dads

TV Shows

The Fall of House of Usher holds the top position this week, with the Mike Flanagan series most likely staying on this list for a while. The Brie Larson series Lessons in Chemistry has seen a surge up the list from fifth to second place in the past week, while Gen V, surprisingly, has dropped from second to fourth. Loki has also dropped from third to sixth place in a week, which doesn’t surprise me; you can hear me talk about why that is on All-New Marvel Cast.

    1. The Fall of the House of Usher
    2. Lessons in Chemistry
    3. Bodies
    4. Gen V
    5. Upload
    6. Loki
    7. Rick and Morty
    8. Annika
    9. Only Murders in the Building
    10. Our Flag Means Death