The wholesome photo adventure TOEM is out now on PlayStation, and although the majority of its trophy list is a simple process of 100%ing game and doing all side quests, there’s a handful of trophies that may be a pain. Luckily, I know how to unlock them all, and I’m here to help you.  

Here are the two trophies I found to be the most tedious in the game, and I doubt most players will unlock without being pointed in the right direction. 

Going Long!

The description for this trophy reads, “you just walked a thousand miles.” And you may be surprised to learn, as I was, that you have to be wearing a particular pair of shoes for this trophy to unlock. That’s right! 

To unlock this trophy, you must walk a thousand miles in the ‘Clogs,’ which are the first shoes you unlock in the game. However, most players will switch to the wet sock quickly as the Clogs are super slow to walk in. 

There are two tips for this trophy:

1.) If you’ve seen this before you’ve started the game, or you’ve only just started it, put the Clogs back on and wear them as you normally play until you unlock the trophy.

2.) You can get the trophy after you’ve beaten the game by using two rubber bands, one of the trophy hunters best friends. Make sure you’re in an area where the camera will rotate a full 360 degrees continuously and then put a rubber band around both the analogue sticks, so they face one another, and you’ll walk in a circle. Leave the game for about thirty mins, and the trophy will unlock for you. 

You Found Us!

This is the most annoying trophy in the TOEM unless you’re wildly checking all directions and places with the camera. 

To unlock this trophy, head to the hotel in Oaklaville and once inside the building, point the camera and zoom in to find a photo event you can trigger to unlock ‘You Found Us!’

These next three arents as bad as the two above, but while I’m here, here’s some quick tips on those as well.

Slow And Steady

Head to Oaklaville for this trophy, sit on the log in front of the snail, and watch it complete its race. 

Employee Of The Month

Inside the power plant in Stanhamn, you can add your photo to the Employees of the Month wall. 


The couple of items you won’t naturally come across while playing the game are the Foam Finger (behind the hotel in Oaklaville), the pirate/paper hat (make sure you trade the pirate for both in Stanhamn) and the photo challenger flag (after you beat all the challenges talk to the person in the photo building in Stanhamn).

I hope these tips help you earn another shiny Platinum Trophy for your collection! Please share this guide on Twitter and with your friends if it was helpful at all. 

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