The Gold trophy “String it Together” is sure to be the stopper for many looking to obtain the Platinum in Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

To earn this Gold trophy you have to earn a gold ranking on the final Knitted Knight Challenge. If you thought they were pretty easy — try doing them all at once! Yes, the final challenge has you attempting to beat all of the challenges in one long death-defying run that will test even the most hardened platforming experts.

Buddy Watson was able to beat the challenge and shared his completed run and some tips to help anyone seeking the Sackboy: A Big Adventure Platinum trophy.

  • Roll as much as possible. You can even go into the assist menu and switch roll to “hold” so you don’t have to spam the circle button.

  • Cut as many corners as you can.

  • You don’t have to get every clock as the last trial will have plenty available for you to catch up to the 10:00 time needed for Gold.

  • Don’t be afraid to slow done in the later parts (lasers, flames, spikes)

  • One moment of composure can reset yourself from unnecessary panic.
    Pause the game if you need too (this could possibly disrupt the flow, but you will know what works best for you).

  • Watch a full run to see how close you are, which may allow for more rest moments. (Watch my run in the video above.)

  • If you try heaps and keep failing, take a small break and come back to it in 10-20 mins. I went to the shops for groceries after a 4-hour session and came back and beat it first go!