The Pathless is a puzzle/adventure game without fast-travel or a map. It’s a rather chill experience and a relatively easy Platinum to earn.

Earning the Platinum in The Pathless more-or-less requires 100% competition, with just a handful of miscellaneous trophies.

Trophy Difficulty: 2/10

  • Estimated Time To Platinum: 10-12 hours

  • The Number of Missable Trophies: “Sky Master” is potentially missable, while “Storm Master” is missable. Read each trophy description for more information.


The Pathless is a relatively straight forward Platinum trophy. You have to beat the game and collect nearly all of the collectables of the game. If you want to make it easier for yourself so there’s less backtracking (the game has no fast travel) I’d suggest clearing each area of all lightstones, before moving onto the next one.


Once you’ve beaten the game you can load back in to just before you started the fight with the last boss. You can back-track to any of the earlier areas in the game and everything is still obtainable at this stage except for the trophy “Storm Master.”



No Path Untraveled (Platinum)
Collect all trophies.

Unlock all the other trophies and earn yourself the shiny Platinum for The Pathless.

1000 talismans.jpg

1000 Talismans Shot (Bronze)
Shoot 1,000 talismans.

You’ll unlock this about half-way through the game. 1,000 sounds like a lot, but you’re always shooting talismans when moving in this game.

Acrobat (Bronze)
Shoot 5 talismans while airborne before touching the ground.

You’ll unlock this as you natrually as you play through the game.

Sky Master (Silver)
Get 10 flaps. (Potentially Missable)

You get one extra flap for each boss you defeat and one at the start of the game — so that’s five flaps. The other five you’ll unlock as earn experience from secret lanterns.

I have marked this as potentially missable as you can lose experience if you fail the storms. I earned 12 flaps by the end of the game, so there’s more than enough to make sure you earn the trophy unless you fail the storms over and over.

Skill Shot Master (Bronze)
Chain 10 skill shots in a row.

This one is a little confusing and may take some practice.

You need to fire your arrow at a talisman right as it reaches 50% on the pull-metre of a talismans diamond. If you do it correctly there’s a slight slo-mo-ish animation and the arrow lands with a lot more thunder. The trophy image (on the left) shows you exactly where 50% is on the diamond.

You can do this on the same talisman, waiting for it to reappear, or on 10 different talismans.

I found it easier by finding a spot where several talismans where evenly spaced out around my character and just got into the rhythm of it all. If the talismans are roughly the same length from you it’ll make getting the timing down easier. 

Epic Flight (Silver)
Fly for over a minute without touching an updraft.

You’ll unlock this as you naturally as you play through the game for 100%. There are several high-spot locations like the Old Fortress or the Observatory where you can glid down from for well over a minute.

Super Slide (Bronze)
Slide 400 meters down a steep slope.

Between the Great Plains (third area) and Mountain Tundra (fourth area), there’s a big mountain. If you climb up to the top of it and pick a spot to slide down from you’ll slide more than 400 metres easily.

epic landing.jpg

Epic Landing (Bronze)
Fall 150 meters without gliding and land hard.

In the later parts of the game you’ll be flying high in the sky a lot so just pick a spot and drop.

river rider.jpg

River Rider  (Bronze)
Drift 300 meters down a river.

Although the trophy description may lead you to believe you need to do sick drifts in the water, you do not. You simply need to get carried 300m the water without touching the controller.

The Great Plains (third area) of the game has lots of river spots, basically, pick one with a nice current from its top end and let yourself get carried away. 

trick shot.jpg

Trick Shot (Bronze)
Bounce an arrow off two mirrors.

Plenty of the puzzles in the later areas of the game have mirrors where you’ll need to bounce arrows of two or more mirrors.

high flyer.jpg

High Flyer (Silver)
Reach the highest updraft above the mountain.

In the final area of the game, Mountain Tundra, there are a lot of up drifts in the open space in the middle of the map. The highest one is located nearly directly opposite the platform that takes you to the final boss fight.

To spot it, find the big skeleton of some creature on top of a mountain and jump into the updrafts close to the skull.

Observer (Bronze)
Reach the observatory.

Cold Hike (Bronze)
Reach the old fortress.

You need to find this is as part of The Pathfinder quest.

Forest Whisperer (Bronze)
Run with 6 animals.

This is the most tedious trophy in the game.

Firstly, you’ll want to find a nice open space with lots of animals in it. It doesn’t matter which area, but I did it in The Great Plains, which fittingly, has a lot of open plains.

Start chasing an animal with the goal to sit just behind it, and not overtake it. After a couple of seconds of chasing one close enough, it’ll have some gold sparks appear on it and that means it’s now following you. 

At this stage, you have to repeat this five more times and get six animals following you at once. The thing you have to be most careful of is not going too fast or turning too sharply. This will cause one or more of your animals to disappear.

This will likely take several attempts as you just need to get a feel for it yourself. But once you can tame one animal you’re on your way to six. 

Storm Survivor (Bronze)
Survive 3 storm encounters unscathed. (Potentially Missable)

You’ll most likely run into more than three storms as you play through the game. But if you’re a god at dodging them, this could be a missable trophy. After you defeat the boss in each area the storm will disappear.

Eagle’s Companion (Bronze)
Pet the eagle 4 times.

Press Square to pet your Eagle. Do it lots, it feels good.

The Pathfinder’s Tale (Silver)
Find all the lore of the Pathfinder’s story.

There’s one location in each of the four areas of the game that have the lore messages needed to get this trophy. If you’re playing to 100% the game, you’ll likely find them all as you play through the game.

YouTube user RoonCo SP has a great video with the locations of all the lore pieces if you need help, or think you’ve missed one.

None of these is missable. You can clean up by loading back into the game after completing it.

Ancient Whispers (Bronze)
Discover 15 lore messages.

See “Wisdom of the Ancients.”

Echoes of the Past (Bronze)
Discover 30 lore messages.

See “Wisdom of the Ancients.”

Wisdom of the Ancients (Silver)
Discover 45 lore messages.

There are more than 45 lore messages in the game and if you’re reading each shiny blue orb you come across you’ll get this sometime during the fourth area of the game. 

gift of the tall ones.jpg

Gift of the Tall Ones (Gold)
Collect the gift from every spirit.

You’ll earn this after obtaining each of the gifts from the spirits.

After you complete an area a totem will appear in the final battle area with 9 lightstone spots for the remaining lightstones in the area. Bring them all back and insert them into the totem and the spirit of that area will appear and lead you on a journey, at the end of which they’ll give you a gift.

Finding all of the lightstones isn’t hard, especially once you’ve beaten the boss in an area.

If you’re struggling to find a lighstone, climb to the top of a tower, or a highspot and press L1/Triangle and look for any signs of red.

The most obscure locations are the Old Fortress in Redwood Steppe, which is located up a mountain, and the Observatory, which is located on top of a mountain in Mountain Tundra. Both of these areas will glow red if you’re scanning with L1/Triangle as long as you’re within range.

Gift of the Elk Spirit (Silver)
Obtain the Gift of the Elk Spirit.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

Gift of the Lizard Spirit (Silver)
Obtain the Gift of the Lizard Spirit.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

gift snake.jpg

Gift of the Snake Spirit (Silver)
Obtain the Gift of the Snake Spirit.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

Gift of the Bear Spirit (Silver)
Obtain the Gift of the Bear Spirit.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

hunter of light.jpg

Hunter of the Light (Silver)
Collect all the lightstones.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

Light of Cernos (Bronze)
Collect all the Elk lightstones.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

Light of Sauro (Bronze)
Collect all the Lizard lightstones.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

light nimue.jpg

Light of Nimue (Bronze) 
Collect all the Snake lightstones.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

Light of Kumo (Bronze)
Collect all the Bear lightstones.

See “Gift of the Old Ones” for more information.

Secret Seeker (Bronze)
Discover 15 lanterns.

See “Expert Secret Seeker” for more information.

Great Secret Seeker (Bronze)
Discover 30 lanterns.

See “Expert Secret Seeker” for more information.

Expert Secret Seeker (Silver)
Discover 45 lanterns.

Lanterns give you experience points in the form of yellow orbs. Sometimes finding one is as simple as lighting up a row of torches on a bridge or hitting some musical chimes in the correct order. 

There are well over 45 lanterns and you shouldn’t have trouble finding them as you play the game collecting things as you go. When you press L1/Triangle the red areas that highlight where lightstones are, also highlight areas where lanterns are. So by hunting for all the lightstones in any area, you’ll be coming across plenty of lanterns as well.

Monastery (Bronze)
Complete the puzzle at the Monastery.

You’ll come across the Monastery while going for 100% completion.

Textile Workshop  (Bronze)
Complete the puzzle at the Textile Workshop.

You’ll come across the Textile Workshop while going for 100% completion.

Bathhouse (Bronze)
Complete the puzzle at the Bathhouse.

You’ll come across the Bathhouse while going for 100% completion.

The Adventure Begins (Bronze)
Reach the mainland.

[Story related] You’ll get this as you begin your adventure.

Cleanse the Elk (Bronze)
Cleanse the Forest Plateau.

[Story related] You’ll get this after beating the first boss in the game.

Cleanse the Lizard (Bronze)
Cleanse the Redwood Steppe.

[Story related] You’ll get this after beating the second boss in the game.

cleanse great plains.jpg

Cleanse the Snake (Bronze)
Cleanse the Great Plains.

[Story related] You’ll get this after beating the third boss in the game.

cleanse mountain tundra.jpg

Cleanse the Bear (Bronze)
Cleanse the Mountain Tundra.

[Story related] You’ll get this after beating the fourth boss in the game.

The Truth is a Pathless Land (Silver)
Complete the game and view the credits.

[Story related] You’ll get this after beating the final boss and completing the game.

A New Path Awaits (Gold)
Witness the extended ending.

You unlock a secret ending that plays after the credits sequence by completing the game with all four of the gifts of the spirits unlocked. You can unlock this the first time you beat the game, or replay the ending if you have to cleanup some of the lighstones after beating it once.

In case I’m missing any information please let me know in the comments section below.

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