Many of the 2020s most memorable games wouldn’t have been what they are or remembered as fondly if it wasn’t for the fantastic performances given to their characters. From voicing the prince of hell to mo-cap work involved in making one of 2020’s biggest games, these are the finest performances on 2020.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Video Game Performances of 2020.

5.) Darren Korb as Zagreus in Hades [PC, Nintendo Switch, macOS]


While Zagreus was only rendered in 2D, Darren Korb definitely made him a three-dimensional character. Zagreus ran the full gamut in Hades, making us laugh with his own sense of humour, having heated arguments with his father, getting emotional with Megaera, feeling exasperated with Skelly and breaking our hearts with Persephone. His delivery throughout the game was impeccable and in a game with few animated facial expressions, Darren Korb gave one of the performances of the year.

Ashley Hobley

4.) Daisuke Tsuji as Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima [PS4]


Jin is not the showiest or jovial character. He is stoic and set on his tasks, but when Daisuke Tsuji was given the chance to shine, he took it with both hands.

His interactions with Yuna, Ryuzo, Norio and Kenji are all great but it’s his interaction with Lord Shimura and Yuriko that really stand out. Jin’s encounters with Lord Shimura thought out the game also work as markers for Jin’s journey and change of attitude, from when we see him as a boy to the stories conclusion where the two family members are now at odds with each other.

Tsuji’s performance in the Yuriko storyline is very understated but powerful none the less as he plays along to help an old lady go in peace. I’m hoping to see more of Jin and Daisuke Tsuji in the future.

Ashley Hobley

3.) Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales [PS4, PS5]

After being a supporting character in Marvel’s Spider-Man, Miles got the chance to take the lead in this spin-off game. Nadji Jeter is a veteran at playing Miles at this point, also voicing the character in the current Spider-Man animated series, and does a stellar job here. You can hear in his voice how excited he is to be Spider-Man.

While it is fun to hear his banter while taking down enemies and his talks with Ganke about suits, tech and video games, Jeter delivered when he needed to get more emotional. Whether reminiscing about his Dad, having a heart-to-heart with Mum or trying to convince someone that they were on the wrong path, Nadji Jeter made you feel for Miles and his massive heart in those moments. Peter Parker may have to watch his back, he might not be the Number 1 Spider-Man in New York for too long.

– Ashley Hobley

2.) Ashley Johnson as Ellie in The Last of Us Part II [PS4]


Ashley Johnson‘s performance as Ellie is one of the most visceral and layered video game performances of all time. Across two games she’s crafted one of the most loved characters in modern gaming.

Much like our number one pick, there were times when playing as Ellie in The Last of Us Part II wasn’t an easy task. And I’m sure it wasn’t an easy role for Johnson. What Ellie goes through in TLOU2  is nothing short of horrific. 

We had a near tie between Ashley Johnson and our number one pick, and that’s because they’re both heads and shoulders above any of the other performances from this year. Hell, they’re bounds ahead of most years’ performances in games. They’re just that good. 

Dylan Blight

1.) Laura Bailey as Abby in The Last of Us Part II [PS4]


When The Last of Us released in 2013, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker’s performances were deservingly praised as medium moving for the entire video game industry. And what Laura Bailey does with Abby in The Last of Us Part II more than lives up to that precedent.

It’s hard to discuss Laura‘s role as Abby without spoilers as it’s one of the most divisive characters in recent gaming memory. Abby is, in my opinion, the most nuanced and interesting character Naughty Dog has created.

What Laura Bailey delivered with her performance was a near-impossible task. Take an audience that will hate you, and make them like you. And she did it in her best performance so far—a triumph in character work that made for one of 2020’s best performances in any medium.

– Dylan Blight

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight, Ashley Hobley and Ciaran Marchant.