Whether it’s swinging across New York City or making your way through the tormenting halls of Hell for the hundredth time, you’re bound to notice the music that’s escorting you on your trip. As always, music was a big part of what made games special in 2020.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best Original Video Games or Soundtracks in 2020.

5.) Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales by John Paesano


Marvel’s Spider-Man had a fantastic score so it would have been tough to figure out a way to do something similar but fitting for Miles. John Paesano really nailed it by adding more percussion and beats like in “New York’s Only Spider-Man”. It makes the orchestral score feel more fitting for Miles’ story and tastes.

Add on top Miles’ own music mission and songs from Jaden and Lecrae and you’ll have a lot of good stuff to listen too as you swing around New York City.

– Ashley Hobley

4.) Astro’s Playroom by Kenneth C.M. Young


Astro’s Playroom is a love letter to Playstation’s history and this soundtrack would fit amongst other Playstation mascot games like Crash and Ratchet and Clank. With an electronic sound and quirky lyrics mentioning CPUs and SDDs, the music of Astro’s Playroom just makes this little game that bit more special of an experience.

Ashley Hobley

[Astro’s Playroom isn’t streaming anywhere, but you should have a listen to the soundtrack for Astro Bot: Rescue Mission]

3.) The Last of Us Part II by Gustavo Santaolalla, Mac Quayle

The music of The Last of Us was haunting and an integral part of the game’s experience. With The Last of Us Part II music only became more of an essential experience.

Starting with Gustavo Santaolalla, you have, once again, these string instrumentals and clangy tunes that add that now known Last of Us sound. The pieces of music are the Ellie side of the tale. Mac Quayle’s additions to the soundtrack are more cinematic, grungey and grainy. They’re angrier and dirty. And they carry Abby’s side of the game. All together, they form a visceral tale.

On top of the fantastic original music, the game also uses several covers as important story beats. The most prominent of which is Joel singing “Future Days” by Pearl Jam.

The Last of Us Part II knows how to use music to carry your feelings, but it also uses music as an essential tool in the story. For all of that, it’s one of the best original scores and soundtracks of 2020. 

Dylan Blight

2.) Persona 5 Royal by Atlus Sound Team

With ten news tracks alongside the original music from Persona 5, Persona 5 Royal‘s music is a certified jazz-banger.

The soundtrack isn’t an attempted improvement over Persona 5’s soundtrack. They haven’t re-recorded tracks or anything like that. Atlus have simply added ten more awesome jazz-infused songs to the already fantastic soundtrack.

“Take Over” when ambushing enemies gets you amped. “Gentle Madman” is an almost classic JRPG piece for the games final palace and “Our Light” is a deservingly melancholic new ending theme. 

If you loved Persona 5‘s soundtrack, you’ll love the music of Persona 5 Royal

– Dylan Blight

1.) Hades by Darren Korb


It wasn’t easy playing Hades, with the many enemies, mini-bosses, the actual bosses and the constant deaths. So I can only be grateful that I had such amazing music to listen to as I travelled and died again and again and again in the underworld.

Whether it was Orpheus playing one of his songs as I walked around the House of Hades, building relationships, or music to pump me up at I made my way through Tartarus or Asphodel, the song choice always seemed to perfectly fit the mood.

Add Ashley Barrett providing the singing voice for Euridice on “Good Riddance” and “In the Blood” and you have a soundtrack that makes coming back for more punishment a little easier

Ashley Hobley

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight, Ashley Hobley and Ciaran Marchant.