From a girl losing a sandwich to an emotional exchange at a kitchen table and then an explosive heist at an airport, these are our picks for the best moments in on the big screen, and at home. Picking a list of favourite moments is always hard but we’ve gone with what was the most memorable; from silly, to exciting.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best Moments in Movies from 2020.

5.) Airport Scene – Tenet

It was a small year for big-scale action on the big screen. Tenet served as one of a few movies that made it to a small selection of movie theatres worldwide. This factor definitely enhanced the plane-crash sequence, but it still would have kicked-ass in any other year.

It’s a ridiculously over the top sequence in which the Protagonist (John David Washington) and Neil (Robert Pattinson) help started a break-in to a facility located at an airport. To set off all the alarms necessary to get them inside they decide to crash a plane into the building. What makes the sequence even more over-the-top is that director Christopher Nolan decided to crash a real plane, because why not?

Dylan Blight

4.) The Final 2-Minute Show – Portrait of a Lady on Fire

If you’re reading this and haven’t watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire— stop. Watch the film. It’s fantastic. But also, this scene will mean nothing to you out of context. 

“She didn’t see me.”

The final shot in Portrait of a Lady on Fire is two minutes of the camera just slowing in on Adèle Haenel’s character Héloïse as music plays, and then the film ends. Within the context of the film: this is heartbreak. Héloïse stares off-screen at the concert below, and the musicians begin to play the “Summer” section of Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” Marianne shared this song with Héloïse, as it was one of her favourites and as the music picks up, we can see the look on Héloïse’s face. It’s one of torment, upset. And although we never learn what she was thinking at that moment, we know that however many years later this is since her two weeks with Marianne, she still feels the same way Marianne does looking at her right now

Dylan Blight.

3.) Barley Talks To His Dad – Onward

For almost the entire run time of the film, Ian has been trying desperately to bring the father he never got the chance to meet back to life. After seeming to have missed the window of opportunity, Barley manages to find the Phoenix gem they need to complete the spell, but with one catch. It unleashed a golem on the world that emerges as a concrete dragon. Ian sacrifices his chance to meet his father to hold off the Golem, realising he had a father-figure all along and knowing Barley never get to say goodbye.

We never get hear Barley’s reunion with their father, experiencing from the point of view of Ian who is stuck behind a wall of rubble, only able to watch on from a distance. But that didn’t make it any less powerful as Barley relayed a message for Ian and gave him a hug for his dad. Pixar got me crying again! Such a satisfying ending.

Ashley Hobley

2.) Joe Tells Ruben To Leave – Sound of Metal

Easily one of the most devastating moments in film this year and one of the hardest to watch. Reuben returns to the community and tells Joe he has gotten the cochlear implant surgery. Unfortunately, Joe can’t let Rueben stay after breaking his trust and for the good of the community.

Paul Raci and Riz Ahmed knock this scene out of the park. Hearing Reuben trying to justify his actions, that he needs to get his life back is devastating as he throws away all he’s learned and experienced these past months. The look of disappointment and heartbreak on Paul Raci’s face just affects you deep in your soul as he watches Reuben leave. Don’t be shocked to see a clip from this scene play on Oscars Night.

Ashley Hobley

1.) Harley Loses Her Sandwich – Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Egg. Bacon. American Cheese. Just a dash of hot sauce. 

The cheese is well out of date, but that fact aside the cheese and bacon sandwich Harley Quinn is in love with looks very tasty. The first time I watched Birds of Prey, I felt very rumbly in the ol’ tummy watching that sandwich being grilled. Unfortunately for Harley she’s spotted by Detective Montoya on her way out the shop and has to sprint away. Harley is running away for life just as much as she’s sprinting to protect that sandwich. When she’s tripped up and has to watch the sandwich land all over the road — we all felt that pain. 

Birds of Prey was the last movie I watched in theatres before COVID-19 sent the world into lockdown. Looking back, it’s both ridiculous just how naive I was sitting in the theatre laughing at this moment. But it also makes for one of the most memorable moments on film in 2020. Nothing profound about it. Just a girl trying to enjoy the little things in life not knowing what was about to hit her in the face moments later. 

I want an egg sandwich now.

Dylan Blight

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight and Ashley Hobley.