Sometimes a multiplayer game can release early in the year and stay relevant with constant updates, other times you can release a game only for it to be discovered years later and see a boom of success. Either way, the games on this list are a showcase for how to keep relevant and bring new and exciting content to keep players entertained over the year, and years to come.

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Best On-Going Games for 2020.

5.) League of Legends/League of Legends: Wild Rift [PC, macOS, Android, iOS]


When League of Legends released in 2009 during a time where MOBA’s were thriving, it was unclear how League would grow in between Heroes of Newerth and Valve’s DOTA 2. Over a decade later it would be clear to say that League has gone on to become the biggest of them all (even with this writer’s personal bias). League of Legends continues to transcend the original expectations for the game, with the addition of Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends: Wild Rift it’s clear that Riot understands how to continue to grow the original game while using the property for other ideas. With well-crafted characters being routinely added to the roster of champions and one of the largest esports in the world it’s clear to see why League of Legends continues to appear on this list and will be a staple in the world of gaming for the foreseeable future.

Ciaran Marchant


Dragon Trainer Tristana – Official Riot Games Figure

4.) Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout [PC, PS4]


The big newcomer to the On-Going Game category this year was Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. I remember playing the beta in July and the interest in the game was incredible. Devolver Digital then did the game a massive favour by putting it up as one of the free PS Plus games for August, ensuring a massive initial player base. The platforming battle royale that takes inspiration from game shows like Takeshi’s Castle, It’s a Knockout and Wipeout was instant success with over 1.5 million players in the first day.

Sure there was a certain degree of randomness to it and see-saws seemed to never come down for Ciaran and you would occasionally get stuck with a bunch of bad players in a team game but there was a lot of fun to be had for all as everyone competed for a coveted crown. And getting that crown was one of the best feelings in gaming this year.

Interest in Fall Guys has waned since its initial release but it continues to be supported by Mediatonic, with the game now in Season 2 featuring a bunch more mini games to battle through as well as an abundant number of skins to earn or buy. I’m looking forward to getting my T-Rex-in-Gym-Shorts Fall Guy some more crowns in 2021.

3.) Apex Legends [PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch]


Respawns battle royale had another massive year. New legends like Revenant and Loba were fantastic additions and great to play. With the first proper lore content released in-game as playable missions in co-op vs A.I during Season 5. Fans also had more reasons to care about the legends they played as in Apex Legends.

During Season 6, Respawn added crafting to change up how you play and the system has been tweaked to the degree other games are looking to copy the material. Season 7 (the current season) saw a brand new map enter the game and the addition of vehicles, clubs and the Steam release of the game.

It seemed like the biggest year in the games short life and with Respawn now devoting an entire team to working on Apex Legends; it’s surely only going to get better.

Dylan Blight

2.) Among Us [PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch]


For many people, it would be hard for them to believe that Among Us released in 2016. But with the streaming boom of the game in 2020, Among Us has risen to the challenge and taken it in its stride, moving quickly to implement changes including anonymous voting, removing visual tasks and even recently with the implementation of Proximity Chat.

Among Us is now finding a new home on Xbox Game Pass and with the upcoming map release, Among Us is set to continue its growth in 2021. In a year that saw many of us split apart, it was fantastic for a game about lying to and killing your friends would bring us together in such a great way.

Ciaran Marchant

1.) Fortnite [PS4, Xbox, Android, iOS, PC, macOS, Nintendo Switch]


2020 might just have been Fortnite’s best year yet. It seemed like every other week we were hearing about some crazy thing that was happening in Fortnite. Whether it was a Tenet trailer debuting inside the game, Travis Scott holding a virtual concert or the insane licensed skins that added to the game, there was always something new in Fortnite.

Now you are able to play as The Mandalorian and take on Wolverine, Kratos, Batman, Master Chief, Darryl and a guy with a stack of pancakes for a head. This shit is crazy! The game looks better then ever and continues to be more than just a game. It even got Dylan and I to jump in!

Ashley Hobley


Fortnite Last Laugh Bundle – PlayStation 5

This Top 5 list was compiled by Dylan Blight, Ashley Hobley and Ciaran Marchant.