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MediEvil (2019) has some new content added that will extend your time in Gallowmere, and possibly even double it.

Spoilers for MediEvil follow

When you reach the third-last level of the game, and the shortest one at that, titled ‘The Entrance Hall’ you can find your way down to where Zarok cast his spell to raise his army of the dead. Here you can find a chest what when you open will send a bunch of souls across Gallowmere for you to find.

When you look at a level in the world-map now you’ll notice there is a soul symbol next to the chalice icon that will indicate if you’ve found the soul in that level. Opening the chest will send a soul to nearly every level in the game for you to find, which basically means you have to play the game through twice to find them all as you do have to beat the level once you’ve found the soul for it to stay collected.


Even when you’ve found a soul, there is more work to be done. They will give you a riddle and then you must take them to another location, at another level, where you’ll set them free. So yes, now you’re playing through MediEvil about three times. The riddles weren’t hard for me as a seasoned MediEvil player, but even for those playing it for the first time, I feel like most of the clues are very straight forward.

What do you get when you deliver all the souls though? A very cool feature for fans, for sure.

youve unlocked.png

When you deliver the last soul you’ll be thanked before being given a message saying something new has been unlocked in the main menu. Returning you’ll notice a new option below the ‘new game’, ‘load game’ and options say ‘old game’, which as you may have guessed when selected launches the original PS1 version of MediEvil.


There are no trophies associated to the game, and it appears to be just launching an emulated version of the original straight from within the game’s files, so I doubt there are more secrets to be found for beating the game again through the ‘old game’, but I had fun messing around for a bit when I unlocked it as a comparison for what I’d been playing all day at the time.

Are you going to go full MediEvil super-fan and not only 100% the remake but the original game, inside the remake as well?