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The remake of MediEvil is out today from developer Other Ocean Emeryville and we have a review and some brand new gameplay for you to check out. 

In my review, I said the following while awarding the game an 8.5/10 score:

“Slaying monsters, fighting huge bosses, collecting the secret chalice in each level and making my way to Zarok. I happily did all of this and got the games Platinum in one sitting because MediEvil is as much fun today, as it was when I was a kid. Other Ocean Emeryville has recreated one of the greatest PS1 games with great love and care, and with the budget price this game is selling at, I hope fans pick it up and we can get a remake of MediEvil 2 from the same team because I wanna kick Lord Palethorn’s ass in 4K.”

Read the full review here. 

We also have several new gameplay videos you can check out below featuring the first fight in the game vs The Stained-Glass Demon; the fight against The Pumpkin King and the final fight of the game through to the secret ending, for those fans that want to see how different some of these key fights look now. 

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