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Get ready to some more of our faces as we trial video versions of Platinum Explosion and Arcade Couch

We’ve always published all our audio podcasts to YouTube, but they’ve always just been a still thumbnail with the audio playing over the top. Nothing exciting to watch, but allowed those who prefer to listen to their podcasts through YouTube to get access to all our shows. 

But we do produce an assortment of video podcasts. These include our Review Discussions and series like South of King’s Landing and BevanWorld, for example. I refer to these as VIDEO podcasts because there is some effort put into the video portion to present relevant pictures that relate to the topics we’re discussion throughout the video. In the case of Beyond The Strange there is gameplay playing throughout the entire thing to add context you won’t get just listening to the audio version. This takes a lot more time to set-up than just the usual show notes, which is why we’ve never done our weekly or fortnightly shows as video productions. It simply would take up too much time for us at the moment. 

What we’re trialling for this month is a pretty basic video package for both Arcade Couch and Platinum Explosion. A way for those who wish to see our faces to watch the show, but nothing that’ll take too much work in pre-and-post production per episode. I’m not adding gameplay in the background or relevant images per topic etc.

Platinum Explosion 122 is live now with this new video presentation. 

If you like having the option to watch the video, be sure to let us know here or in the YouTube comments as we’ll be evaluating all this a month from now. If we decide to stick to it we’ll put some more time into graphics and video packages for the transitions and such going forward so it’s cleaner, but overall I want it to be as little effort to set-up each week.

If you’re an audio preferred podcaster (of which I am, so I understand) you don’t need to worry. Nothing about any of the shows will be changing. 

Thanks for reading this update everyone and I hope you have a great week. 

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