Explosion Network Launches Ko-Fi

by Explosion Network

What is Ko-fo? And why did we choose Ko-fi?

“Ko-fi’s free service works just like a tip jar. Creators direct fans to their page to leave a tip (roughly equivalent to the price of a coffee) and message of support. Creators can write updates, share images in the gallery and thank fans for their support.” Ko-Fi

Simple right? Ko-fi is basically a tip jar and when talking about why we chose to open an account with them, that’s the main reason behind it.

We’re not trying to pitch a subscription service here, which is where we believe Patreon works best and why we have chosen to steer clear of the platform. The ability to offer exclusive content is beyond us, and to be honest, not something we’d be interested in doing other than maybe first-looks at content, which we can do on Ko-fi (more on that below.)

At the Explosion Network, we want to continue offering free content, be that our many podcasts, video shows or written work. Opening a Patreon and working on material to fulfil patrons subscriptions and lock behind subscriptions, we feel, would be a waste of our resources and time for where we stand currently.

With that said, of course, we’re not asking you to feel obligated to support us simply because you listen to our shows, or read our stuff. It’s entirely UP TO YOU if you want to support us, all of it will be GREATLY APPRECIATED by all of us at the Explosion Network.

What Do I Get For Supporting You?

We’re not offering any exclusive content, shows, or early access. All of our content will continue as-per-usual.

On the Ko-fi page, we may post early-looks at any future shows ahead of the public announcements, be that the logo or simply the title and information asking for feedback. We’ll also be putting together a page on explosionnetwork.com to feature anyone who donates in thanks for their donations.

Where Is The Ko-fi Money Going?

We’re opening the page with the first goal set to cover our server/website costs and we’ll move from there to raise for new gear to improve our content. It’s also worth noting that the goal amount will be taking into account any money we make through Twitch subscriptions as well.

Wrapping Up

We have a way for you to support the Explosion Network now if you’d like to help us and we’ll appreciate it immensely if do choose to do so. Most importantly though, our work isn’t changing and our focus is the same: improving what we have, creating entertaining, engaging and explosive content.

– Love from all of us at the Explosion Network