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This morning Bethesda has revealed a subscription service for Fallout 76 that has the internet turning their heads in confusion and Australian wallets spewing at the price.

‘Fallout 1st’ will give you access to a private server for you and up to seven friends to build and play free of other player trouble. An unlimited scrap box container; an extra survival tent; atoms per month and exclusive outfits and emotes.


The price in Australia is the utterly gob-smacking $22.95 per month or $179.95 dollarydoos a year.

Fallout 76 AUD Price.png

Fallout 1st is certainly being targetted at the hard-core Fallout 76 fans out there, and renting private servers isn’t a completely uncommon concept in games, but even then this isn’t that and I’d like to see the hardcore players justify this service.

The news comes at a particularly bad time with the ‘Wastelanders Expansion’ which will be free being delayed into 2020. That free update is going to include NPC characters among other much-requested features from fans since launch.

Bethesda received a slight positive upswing with their E3 2019 news including the Wastelanders Expansion, but this service has been met with universally negative reactions across the internet this morning so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bethesda reverse this service, or at least release a comment about it to respond to the outcry of fans.

Are you buying this? Please let me know if you are, I have questions.