The final couple of boss fights and areas in F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch take the difficulty up several notches. The last boss fight(s), in particular, will be a real pain in the ass for many people, but I have some tips and, most importantly, videos to show you how it’s done.

Of course, there are spoilers ahead for the final fights, and the last video contains the game’s ending after the battle. 

Quick bits and tips:

  • I’m using the whip for both of these fights. I love the mid-range fighting ability for these fights as Cicero is fast and has several sweeping attacks.

  • I use the same (down + triangle) attack to get Cicero downed or stuck for a combo. It’s a great move as it drops an electric field on the ground that causes constant damage, and you can still get in regular combo attacks. You can unlock with one data disc and some coin at the checkpoint right before the fights. 

  • You’ll need to attempt the second Cicero fight at least a handful of times to learn his attack patterns. There’s no way around this; it’s imperative to be able to see them coming. 

  • I only use Carrot Juice, and I don’t think any of the other gadgets are helpful for these fights.

Cicero Boss Fight

The first fight against Cicero is a rematch from the beginning of the game, where it was undeniable you weren’t meant to beat him. You can take this fight very slowly, learn the ropes and plan out your attacks — you’ll be doing this for the second fight against him — but I found if you found the right opportunity to get Cicero in a corner, you could inflict tones of damage. 

My aim here is to lead Cicero into a corner get a Square + Triangle combo in that if he doesn’t block, it will fling Cicero into the air. At this point, initiate the Triangle + Down special attack and keep combing him up into the air with the special attacks as many times as you can. You’ll get a tone of damage in this way, and if you can get him a couple of times like this, you’ll finish the fight in no time.

Watch the full gameplay video below of the fight. 

Cicero Boss Fight

The final fight in the game and the second against Cicero see’s him pick up a giant spear and a bigger set of mechanical armour you’d seen him use in flashbacks. Ray doesn’t get his big armour, however, so you’re fighting an uphill battle here.

There’s no cheese for quick damage here, but you can learn all of Cicero’s attacks, and that is the legit best tip for this fight, as frustrating as that may seem. Several of them require rapid reflexes to counter, but it’s possible. 

At the beginning of the fight, draw Cicero from one corner to another, jumping over his dashing or high-sweeping attack. You can get some damage in on him afterwards, and if you stagger him, don’t dash away, stay and use the Triangle + Down combo with basic attack combo’s. 

As the fight continues, the moves you’ll have to be on the lookout for the most are the spear + dash combo from Cicero. He’ll hold the spear up for a moment before throwing it from one side of the fight to the other before winding up and charging across. If you get hit by both the spear and then him, you’ll take a tone of unnecessary damage. 

The other thing to be on the lookout for is the laser attack, which starts with three bars you can dash upwards and through. But when Cicero is on his last bar of health, he will have four of these you need to dodge. 

Most importantly, don’t get cocky in this fight; if you get overzealous for damage and get combo’d into a corner, you can get wiped out in an instant. And with how the Carrot Juice works, you’ll struggle to find enough time to finish the animation for Ray to get some health back. In my gameplay video below, you’ll notice I nearly ruin everything by dashing in the same direction of his charge attack and not through it. 

Watch the full gameplay video of the fight below.

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