Each boss in Ghostrunner presents a new challenge and tests what skills you’ve learned in the game so far. If you’re struggling with beating any of the boss fights in the game (including the last level) you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got tips, tricks and videos to help you beat each fight and continue the fight up Dharma Tower.


“The Gatekeeper” – T-073-M

There are three stages to this fight and thankfully there are key checkpoints to make this fight a lot easier.

For the first part, you have to dodge the rotating laser beams as you move up to another platform and eventually blow your first strike to the massive T-073-M. If you’re struggling to work out where to jump and what lasers to move under or over, check out the video below.

The second stage adds a blast that will radiate up the side of the walls and kill you if it touches you. To reach a half-way checkpoint you simply need to grapple to the walls and when a blast moves up the wall jump out and over it.

At the half-way point, you’ll be face-to-face with the body of the machine again and have to grapple to some more wall-run platforms. However, there are now lasers moving around you and you still have to be aware of the blast moving up the walls. The lasers here are a lot simpler to predict than the first stage and the hardest part is simply being able to jump in time to dodge the blasts and then dash back into the wall-run. Eventually, you’ll reach the top and land your second strike on the machine.

The third stage is the easiest part of the fight and there’s a nice checkpoint halfway through this part for added safety. Simply jump over the blasts on the floor while sliding under the rotating lasers and land a strike on part of the machine in front of you (it’s marked with the current objective). Then do the same but rotating to the back of the machine. Finally, dodge and slide until there’s room for you to grapple up to the top of the machine and land the final blow on the core of the machine.

“In Her Own Image” – HEL

Hel may be the hardest fight in the game simply because there are no checkpoints throughout this fight. You have to take each of Hel’s four health bars in one run. Fortunately, there aren’t any surprises with the fight as Hel does the same attacks and you can learn how to dodge its attacks.

As the fight begins Hel will begin attacking you with its katana. You have to counter each attack like you would any of the other katana-wielding enemies in the game, just several times in a row. Just below Hel’s health at the top of the screen, there’s a blue bar, and you’ll notice as you block each attack the blue bar depletes. Once you block enough attacks from Hel you can land a strike.

Between each katana-off, Hel will jump to some random platform in the room and you have to dodge its ranged attacks until you can get in closer. If Hel lands on the side of the room where there is a “super-jump” power-up you can grab that and come at Hel from the sky which I found to be the easiest tactic. Otherwise, it’s simply up to you to use what you know to dodge the attacks until you get in close.

Repeat this four times and Hel will be defeated. “Flawless.”

“The Summit” – MARA

The Mara (AKA The Keymaster) boss fight is like an old-school mascot platformer fight. Mara has easy to dodge attacks and there are just three stages to the fight with the difficulty stepping up slightly each time. Luckily there is a checkpoint between each phase.

For the first phase simply dodge Mara’s strikes and her sweeping attacks by moving out of the way or jumping over one of her arms. Eventually, she’ll start doing piercing strikes and you have to line her up to hit one of the three electricity boxes in the room by dodging out of the way at the last second. Her arm will get stuck and you’ll be able to move in and slice that arm in half.

In the second phase Mara starts adding in attacks that go under the ground and strike AOE around you, so just make sure you’re well out of the way of those. Random thirds of the ground will also periodically get electrocuted. Eventually, she’ll make some remark like “how dare you” and the entire floor will light up with electricity, so grapple up to the walls above and just run around the room until it’s safe to drop back down. She’ll begin the piercing strikes now and you can get her to strike the second electricity box.

The final stage starts simple but then Mara will light up the areas to each side of you with electricity and begin moving to the left while still attacking you. Move slowly while dodging the attacks including a smash and the ground swipe. She’ll stop for a second and then begin moving back in the opposite direction so just dodge the attacks again in the opposite direction this time. She’ll then light up the entire floor again and you’ll have to grapple up to the walls running in a circle until it’s safe to drop down. After this, she’ll begin the piercing strikes once again and you can line her up with the final box to deal the last strike and put an end to Mara.

“The Monster” – THE ARCHITECT

The final level in Ghostrunner isn’t a boss fight per se, but it is still the final fight in the game. You’re in the cyber-space and racing against a wall of data looking to destroy you. The level tests your wall-running skills and pushes your reflexes. Fortunately, like previous boss fight levels, there are checkpoints between each key area. Of course, there’s a video at the bottom if you need a visual guide to help you through this area.

When the level begins just wall-run along with the first platform and works your way up to some simple wall-running and launcher. You’ll arrive at a platform in the sky with walls moving towards you on each side. Use the dash ability to line up your wall-running and jumps between each platform. There’s a launcher half-way but beware you’ll need to keep wall-running as it takes you up into the sky. When you reach the end make sure you don’t miss the grapple point either.

Next up is a bunch of moving platforms and red orbs that you need to dodge. Use the dash ability and your quick wits to move efficiently and quickly. There’s a grapple at the half-way point and you are aiming to reach the launcher at the back left corner which will take you to the next area.

Move onto the launcher ahead of you and then use the dash ability to keep running along with the platforms in front of you. When you reach the launcher at the end quickly turn around 180 so you can aim for another launcher, and then a third, before landing on another platform.

It’s another moving halfway of wall-running platforms, but this time there’s red orbs attached to some that you must dodge. If you start running on the left side you can jump over and dodge any orbs that appear in front of you by jumping diagonally over to the right and then quickly use the dash to jump back over to the opposite side again, landing just behind the orbs you just dodged. Repeat a couple of times and you’ll reach the end.

When you reach the next area it’s a bunch of red orbs moving towards you. Simply move ahead dodging between them until you reach the launcher at the end of the room. You can take this section slower, it probably helps.

The next section is some wall-jumping again, except with some launchers spread out to make you keep on your toes. When you’re reaching the final part of this section, the last couple platforms appear out of the air, but only as you get closer, so just be ready to use the dash to slow-down time and correct your jump projection if needed. In the end, you’ll need to grapple up and land inside another room of red orbs.

These orbs don’t have as many gaps as the previous room and there are segments of the floor missing. You’ll need to use the walls to run over those parts and then the dash to correct your landing so you go between the orbs as you run. Don’t be afraid to slow down the pace when you see the launcher ahead of you and just dash towards it when you see an opening. When you do, that’s it, the final level of Ghostrunner is complete. Enjoy the ending and the final cutscene.

If you found any part of this guide helpful be sure to let me know in the comments section below. Or even if you’re enjoying the game! I’d love to know as I gave it a glowing 9.5/10 in our review, which you read HERE.