The first DLC for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is releasing next week on Tuesday, the 24th of October. It’ll bring a Greg Nicotero-designed Leatherface and some other goodies to the game.

Gun Interactive and Sumo Nottingham got together and teamed up with horror legend Greg Nicoteroand he crafted a new take on the iconic character for a special DLC for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Not only is this a new design of Leatherface, but the DLC also includes a new chainsaw design, saw sound as well as a universal kill (which can be used by any version of Leatherface).

Check out the video below to hear and see Nicotero discussing his design process of this version of Leatherface.

There are also going to be six new cosmetic packs for each, bringing new outfits to a particular character. You can grab all of the victim outfit packs in an ‘Outfit Pack Bundle,’ but the ‘Nicotero Leatherface’ and the ‘Blood Family’ outfit packs are purchased separately and not part of the bundle.

Prices for the DLC packs are below, each in USD.

  • Nicotero Leatherface – $15.99
  • Outfit Packs (Ana, Connie, Julie, Leland, Sonny, Blood Family) – $4.99
  • Outfit Pack Bundle (All 5 Vicitim Outfit Packs) – $19.99