When you venture into Donna Beneviento’s house in Resident Evil Village, you’ll be up against the most puzzles the game will throw at you. They’re pretty straight forward, except for one part that may stump players, the music box.

After investigating the mannequin in the middle of the room and triggering the door to open into the hallway, you’ll venture into another room with a music box. At first, you may think you have to find the correct tune to play on the box, but its solution is much simpler than that idea.

On each of the five cylinders, you can see several scratches. To get the music to play correctly, you have to get the scratches to line up perfectly. Although this puzzle may prove harder than some of the boss fights in RE: Village for some players, it’s no more complicated than that.

Take a look below for the solution.

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[Code provided for Resident Evil Village by the publisher]