In Bugsnax there’s a total of 4 Legendary Bugsnack battle that’ are part of certain characters side quest paths. If you need help with how to defeat any of the Legendary Bugsnax, this is the place to be.

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Check out some tips and videos for each Legendary Bugsnax battle below.

Mama Mewon

You need to capture each of the small Mewon’s in front of one of the statues, this will cause the Mama to charge at you and get stuck in the statue. Then use your grapple to pull down some rocks on its head from above. Repeat this several times over to defeat the Mama Mewon.


As the Megamaki travels around the ocean you need to line-up the Trip Show to cause its body to deform. Grab as many of the small Megamaki parts when you can.

In its final stage, the Megamaki shall destroy the polls, so it is easier to stick the Trip Shot to a tree in the middle of the map, it won’t be able to knock that down.


When you arrive at the top of the pyramid to call the Mothza Supreme you need to activate the platform in the middle by placing your Launcher Pad on it.

After the Mothza Supreme arrives you need to carry one of the Bombino’s from below and place it on the Launcher Pad to throw it at the Mothza Supreme. When it’s knocked to the ground head down and use your Grapple to pull one of the pizza-cutters down upon it.

Eventually, it’ll begin whipping up whirlwinds that make throwing the Bombino’s not as easy. You just need to time your throw of the Bombino as it’s travelling between the statures.


Each stage of the Daddy Cakelegs fight is relatively the same. You need to place your Trip Launcher in the fire in front of you and use it to ignite the candles on the Daddy Cakelegs.

It’ll wander off to a different part of the map at two different stages. The first time it heads to the far left side of the map, near the door that’s part of the main campaigns quest to find Elizabert. The second time it’s the complete opposite side of the map.