What Is It? A handy sling bag for the steam deck and its accessories.

Compatible With: Steam Deck, Mobile, Accessories

Estimated Time With Gear? 2 months

Product Manufacturer: JSAUX
Where To Buy: JSAUX

Price: AUD $78.60

I have a small bag for my daily travel. The problem with this bag is that it needs to be better suited to my handhelds. Unfortunately, the devices are never quite at home inside the bag, doubly so if I take a battery pack or other devices. The other issue is it ends up being bulky and has the device hanging out at a strange angle. On more than one occasion, I have had it fall out. Seeing the JSAUX Sling Bag, I thought this could solve my current bag problem.

Over the past few months, I have been trialling this bag, and I am happy to report the results. The bag is sturdy, featuring two main compartments and one hidden pocket for a phone or wallet. The large pocket is designed for the Steam Deck and has EVA moulded foam to suit this device. The front pocket has a hard outer shell, multiple smaller pockets for cables, chargers, docks, and more, and an elastic-topped net pocket. This net pocket can be used for other devices, such as the Nintendo Switch; it has been used for my wallet or reading glasses. The hidden pocket is a great place to store your phone when limited pockets are available on your clothes.

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The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be worn on either side of the body, and the anti-sloshing strap prevents the bag from wagging from side to side. I found the anti-sloshing strap particularly handy when riding my bike or walking. The zippers were easy to access and featured a single matching hole so that a lock could be installed when added security was required. The fabric that touches your back remains soft and is not irritating, and the front sections are waterproof, which made me happy, especially when I had a drink spilled on it.

The model I received is made for the Steam Deck, but there is an alternate model that is more generic and can fit other handheld units, such as the ROG Ally or a similar device. The two compartments open at a 45-degree angle and are secured with elastic, making access easy and it harder for items to fall out. The outer compartment’s multiple pockets meant all the items from the Mod Case fit into the bag with ease. I had an issue with the tough case for my glasses when I had multiple items in the outer pocket.

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Overall, this case has been a significant part of my day-to-day, and it holds a decent amount of gear when transporting my Steam Deck while travelling about. The case is hard enough to protect the contents while also remaining comfortable and not bulky. The case is also designed well enough that I can place my Steam Deck inside with the mode case or the new RGB rear and the silicone grips with the protective front without any issues. 

(Review unit supplied for the purposes of this review)