What Is It? Adjustable mount for items, such as iPad, iPhone, Steam Deck, Other tablets, and phones.

Compatible With: Majority of phones and tablets, as well as handheld devices such as the Steam Deck. See the Spec list for compatibility and measurements.

Estimated Time With Gear? 20 Hours

Product Manufacturer: JSAUX

Model: SP0116

Where To Buy: JSAUX, Amazon

Price: $USD29.99

The Adjustable Long Arm Universal Stand from JSAUX has been a handy accessory for me and my small amount of content creation. It can hold phones, tablets, and even handheld gaming devices such as the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch, the arm being quite versatile. My primary use has been filming above my workbench when dismantling my Steam Deck, holding my tablet while gaming on the couch or elevating my tablet when writing.

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It is useful when using my phone or tablet for filming, as it lets me get above my desk. I have used it on multiple occasions when recording content for YouTube. I used it to stream the complete cover replacement while recording the rear cover with RGB replacement. The arm is rigid enough to easily hold the iPad 11″ Pro model, with the arms holding firm at a right angle. I did have to tighten the screws with the included hex tool to get it to maintain its rigidness when using the Steam Deck, but once I did, it held with no issues.

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The lazy arm is also great for daily needs in various situations. I have been using it to hold my iPad for an additional screen to watch videos while on the PC. The arm is small enough to pack up and come in my travel bag while being light enough to forget it’s there. Making it the perfect companion when I am away for work and still want to watch videos or type up a document.


Brand: JSAUX

Material: ABS, Aluminium, and Zinc alloy

Compatible Devices: SP0116(Smartphones, Steam Deck, iPad), SP0114(Smartphones)

Mounting Type: Tabletop Maximum

Adjustable Height: The length of the stand is 265mm when fully retracted and 845mm when fully stretched. For Steam Deck & iPad & iPhone (4 Parts)

Model: SP0116 Weight: about 344g Size: About 3.2*2.2*37.4 inches (80*55*950mm)

Adjustable Distance Range: 1. The Arm: 10.2-37.4 in. (260-950mm) 2. The Stand Clamp: 2.55-9.01 in. (65-230mm) 3. The Bottom Fixing Clip: 0-2.9 in. (0-75mm) For iPhone (5 Parts)

Model: SP0114 Weight: about 302g Size: About 3.2*2.2*33.4 inches (80*55*850mm)

Adjustable Distance Range: 1. The Arm: 10.2-33.4 in. (265-850mm) 2. The Phone Clamp: 2.5-4.1 in. (62-105mm) 3. The Bottom Fixing Clip: 0-2.9 in. (0-75mm)

This Universal Stand Holder is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhone 14/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/14 Plus/iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max/13 mini/iPhone 12/12 Pro/12 Pro Max/12 mini/iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max/iPhone X XR XS Max/iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and almost all cell phones. It also supports tablets and devices between 4.7 to 10.9 inches.

The adjustable head can hold most of my devices, such as the iPhone, iPad Pro, Steam Deck and Switch. The JSAUX Adjustable Long Arm Universal Stand is fully adjustable, and the device holder fits all these devices without the need to replace or swap out the head. The stand is also versatile; extending it to maximum height on the desk made it loom large over me, and the tip allowed for a full 360-degree swivel head. Using the arm, iPad, and wireless keyboard allowed me to write and complete work on the move. The clamp provides a secure grip on the desktops, and the screw function quickly tightens it. This all worked well to ensure that the arm was always safe and secure.

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The JSAUX arm quick application and release stand means I could pack it up at a moment’s notice. Its small, compact size and light weight made it easy to travel with the arm. I also found the arm a great option while filming content, holding my device when working to provide a raised screen, or enjoying videos. The practical design of the device makes it easy to use, and the rigid structure makes it more durable and able to hold heavier devices that previous stands have struggled with.

(Review unit supplied for the purposes of this review)