Product Manufacturer: JSAUX
Estimated Time With Gear:
8 Weeks
Where to buy: JSAUX Website

What Is It?: Accessories For Steam Deck
PC0104 Mod Case with 11 in 1 Dock, GP0200 Cooling Fan, GP0107 Screen Protector with a toolkit, PC0106 Transparent Backplate Clear.   

This review incorporates multiple products I was fortunate enough to receive from JSAUX. As mentioned in my Steam Deck review, after acquiring the Deck, I needed a better way to travel with it and add more protection to the device. In this review, I will break down the individual components into separate sections to make it easier to review and highlight the particular details on each product and finalise my thoughts at the bottom.

PC0104 – Mod Case with 11-in-1 Dock

The mod case was my first installation for the Steam Deck. The appeal of the case was the additional component connection for the rear and the protective cover for the front. Both these items would assist me in my daily routines and ensure the Deck stayed safe. The mod case I ordered came with the 11-in-1 dock and a strap, stand and cover for the official dock, and it is currently my favourite of the gear I received. The hard case front protector is moulded to protect all the main components on the front of the Steam Deck while also being quick and easy to remove. The case is also a star as it adds further comfort, grip and feel to the Steam Deck while also looking quite nice. The detachable rear stand is quick to add and remove and allows the deck to sit at a nice angle for playing with a controller or utilising it in desktop mode. When the 11-in-1 dock is attached, the stand can be closed, and the deck will lean on the dock at a similar angle. Last on this list is the strap mod attachment. This guy is helpful for anything else you want or need to attach, from external drives and chargers to anything else you want to attach. The dock is not limited to use with the Steam Deck and can be used with any PC, laptop or device that works with USB-C and has been handy when travelling with my laptop for work. 


As I stated early, this gear has been my favourite of the items I received. The versatility of the mod case has made modding and working with the deck fun. The ease of plugging it into an existing system and slotting the Deck into place means that I can come home and dock it with record speed when I need to download or set it up with a screen, keyboard and mouse. The dock includes 11 ports and easily slides in and out of its mounting case. The ports are all labelled and consist of a 3.5mm audio jack, SD and micro SD reader, 2 USB 3.0, 2 USB C one input supporting 100w charging, one USB C output, HDMI 4k@120hz, DP4k@120hz, USB 2.0, and gigabit ethernet. This gives many docking functions to the Steam Deck and has been a go-to for me to quickly connect my laptop and Steam Deck to my secondary screen, mouse, and keyboard. 

GP0200 – Cooling Fan 

The cooling fan is another option with the mod case, and it is a great little device. The simple mounting solution is doubled with the ability to mount it to the deck without the mod case, and this is done via the included stick-on attachment in the box. The idea behind the fan is interesting and is based on forcing more air through the system to gain lower temperatures and gain better stability. Throughout my time with the fan, it was relatively consistent at allowing it to either maintain temperature or knock out from 5-10c temperatures regularly, still dependent on the game. I do not have the optimal setup for a full test, but from monitoring the system temperature via the inbuilt information panels, there was a definite difference when gaming on the Steam Deck with or without the device attached. The fan attachment is light and adds minimal bulk. At full speed, it maintained a low rumble and was never too noisy that the game sounds and music was hindered while utilising it. The device also has a rechargeable battery which means it is not drawing on the Decks, which is helpful as the Deck’s life is short enough without the added complications. 


GP0107- Screen Protector

The Screen protector for the Steam Deck must have been the most straightforward installation of a screen protector I have installed to date. The protector I received came with a handy guide tool and was extremely straightforward to install. My only gripe is that you receive 2 in the box and only one set of installation cleaning pads. I also ordered the incorrect protectors for my model of Deck as it comes standard with the Antiglare screen on the 512GB model; the GP0107 has a bit of a shine to it, whereas the GP0110 is the Antiglare version. In saying that, the protectors are great value and are so efficient to install. 

PC0106 – Transparent Backplate (Clear) 

The Transparent Backplate was the item I was most nervous about installing. While I have built PCs, made mods to consoles and fixed controllers, the fear of breaking my system that isn’t easily replaced weighed on my mind heavily. After a few weeks of building the nerve and finding the time, I dove in, utilising my I-fix-it tools and the tools provided in the kit. The modification was relatively fast. The time-consuming factor was more around what triggers to use on the rear — taking approximately one hour to complete, at best guess. More time was spent choosing triggers and taking photos of the process.


The back plate also includes a basic guide, screws, as well as prying and screwdriver tools, and was easy to do, and I even made sure to remember to remove the plastic off the thermal pad. The kit came with three sets of alternative triggers, from the standard, which are the same as what is on the deck, to a raised facing the palm grips and a raised in the opposite direction, these are colour coded and were as simple as selecting the wanted one, and screwing them to the right side, they were all labelled for convenience. Yellow for standard, blue for external raise and red for internal raise. These can be mixed and matched for personal preference. I decided on red all around. Once that decision was made, I followed the steps to click it all together and tightened the screws, and all was done. I did get the clear case, which looks cool but is also covered by the mod case, so I don’t get to look at it daily. Overall, the process was simple, and I am not seeing much difference in temperature, but the triggers on the rear of the Deck are easier to use and feel more comfortable for my hands. 


The JSAUX gear I received is all of great quality. I enjoyed the challenge of installing the back plate, and I am a big fan of the mod case, as it perfectly suits my needs. My time with these accessories has strongly convinced me that JSAUX is making great gear for the Steam Deck at a reasonable price. The screen protector was one of the most accessible installations I have made, even if I did make the wrong choice on the styling. JSAUX have also been very helpful whenever I have had to contact them. My only fault with the gear was the detachable stand for the mod case, which became loose in the first week or two, and even though I found a simple fix, the team at JSAUX happily replaced the component, and I have had no further issues with it. In conclusion, if you get a Steam Deck and are looking for affordable gear to protect it, look no further. The team at JSAUX have a wide variety of solutions that should meet most people’s needs while not breaking the budget.