Product Manufacturer: Nyxi Gaming
Estimated Time With Gear:
4 Weeks

What Is It?: A transparent Pro Controller with LED lighting and rumble
Compatible With:
Nintendo Switch, Lite, OLED

[Editors Note: An earlier version of this version stated this controller could be used with iOS devices, which was untrue. We have since removed mentions of this feature.

Nyxi Transparent Pro Controller with LED Lights for the Nintendo Switch is one of the many alternative controllers on the market. This device brings back memories of the Nintendo 64 transparent controllers of the previous generation and is always pretty popular with gamers. 

The pro controller comes in a simple package with just the controller, a charging cable and the instructions. Once unpacked, connecting the unit to the switch was as simple as plugging the controller in or pressing the pairing button near the shoulder buttons and selecting change grip order in the controller menu. Once paired, the controller allows turning the switch on by holding the home button. 

This pro controller has various functions: turbo mode, RGB lighting modes, and several vibrations modes. Each has its range of settings and are easy to use. Starting with the turbo mode, which allows each button to be pressed once and has that button repeated a set amount of times ranging from 5, 12 or 20 shots per second, it can be helpful when used in shooting games. The RGB lighting is slightly different, with a range of 7 colours displayed on the 6 LED lights inside the controller. These lighting systems can be turned on or off simply by holding the lighting button found near the second joystick. On top of the range of colours, there’s also a range of modes that you can use with these LEDs. The first mode is just the colour lights displaying a single colour with adjustable brightness, ranging from blue, red, green, yellow, cyan, orange, purple and pink; these colours extend across the range of the modes. I tend to stick to orange as it is my favourite colour. There’s also a breathing mode that has a steady breathing pattern with the LEDs, a vibration mode that allows the lights to function when the vibration is occurring, and finally, stick mode, which adjusts the intensity of the light based on the angle of the sticks. The controller also features a vibration function with four modes, ranging from 100%, 75%, 30% and off.

The feel of the controller is very comfortable, as comfortable as the official Nintendo Pro controller. I especially liked being able to see through to the internals on the unit; it was interesting to watch the LEDs and the vibration mechanisms and see the circuitry. Having full-sized joysticks is excellent as you get the full and fluid movements, making things like aiming and shooting much more accurate. During the four weeks of having the controller, I tried it on various games, including FortniteRocket League, Pokémon Shining PearlRound GuardSpelunky 2Red Faction Bro ForceMario Kart 8 Deluxe and Metroid Dread. All with great success, I experienced no lag, and the turbo function worked well in games though I generally didn’t have a great need for it. 

The battery life on the controller is like that of the official Nintendo Pro Controller. Even on the longest of play sessions, I never found it to drain. With a suggested 8 hours of playtime and 20 hours standby, I found this to be true during my review. The LED lights didn’t seem to diminish that either. Charge time was fast, about 2 hours for a full charge, and with the USB-C charging cable, it was simple to plug in and play if needed. The controller also features a 6-axis gyroscope that is available to use. However, I did not test this function during this review.

Overall, the Nyxi Transparent Pro Controller is a great alternative to the Nintendo Pro Controller. The controller has a great hand feel, the joystick movements are smooth, and the battery life is decent. The LED lights and other functions add to the enjoyment of using this controller. It is lightweight and looks great, and this controller will be my go-to for daily gaming on the Switch. 

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