KartRider: Drift is about to launch another closed beta. The second closed beta for the game will begin on June 3rd and have a bunch of new content that wasn’t in the first beta. 

Players will be able to sign up for the beta starting today and those lucky enough to be chosen will receive invitations to their email box on June 2ncd. 

If you took part in the first beta, you’ll automatically be included in this beta so rest easy.

This beta will introduce the new character Diz for players to race with and also new skins for existing characters. There will also be new karts and tracks for players to try out this time around.

It seems customisation will be a big focus of this beta period as players will have access to many new features for uniquely making their kart there own. 

Matchmaking has been improved since the first beta as well. Players will now get paired with similarly skilled players based on their performances in the tutorial.

As an added bonus Nexon has partnered with HyperX, ViewSonic and DXRacer, and will be giving out exclusive prizes to those that take part in the beta.

I had a  great time playing the first beta at the end of 2019. You can read that piece HERE. 

You’ll be able to play the beta on Xbox One (except in Japan and China) or on PC via either Steam of the Nexon launcher.

Sign up for the beta HERE. But also stay tuned as we should be getting some keys to give away.

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