Suzerain from Berlin-based developer Torpor Games UG was just revealed as one of the headline games for LudoNarraCon.

Suzerain may be playing close to home as you play as President Rayne, the leader of the fictional country of Sordland. As President Rayne, you’ll have the choice to play in a controlling manner grabbing hold of the media and taking out your competition, or making enemies in those corners as you attempt to lead your country out of recession. 

This text-based adventure game features over 200k words with branching paths amongst the allies you choose to keep in your cabinet. 

Fellow Traveler is publishing the game and just released a brand new trailer apart of the LudaNarraCon digital event taking place over the next couple days. 

Find out more about the LudoNarraCon event HERE and watch the trailer below.

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