There’s a new Marvel game being revealed tomorrow morning, but what is it?

A short teaser posted on Twitter reveals several Marvel characters dropping down and presumably about to begin a battle. This includes America Chavez (recently seen in the latest Doctor Strange film), Ironheart and others.

There’s no information given on what the game is or what platforms it’s coming to — but if I were guessing, I’d say it’s a mobile game. Not to say that doesn’t mean it can’t be a good game, but for anyone clamouring for the next console AAA Marvel game, I think you’re waiting a while longer. 

The game is being developed by Second Dinner, and it’ll be their first game, while it’ll be published by Hong-Kong based team Nuverse whose other games include MOONTON, a mobile MOBA and Figure Story a mobile RPG. 

If you’re a massive Marvel fan, you can wake up at 3 AM AEST Friday morning to see what the news is, or check here later when I wake up to find out myself.