ReedPop and Penny Arcade have shared the first batch of exhibitors that will be rolling the dice at PAX Unplugged 2023, which is taking place at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre from December 1st to 3rd.

Disney Lorcana will be at the show with publisher Ravensburger following the release of the game’s first expansion, “Chapter 2: Rise of the Floodborn,” which will be out on November 17th. Games Workshop will be there, of course, with Warhammer 40k and R. Talsorian Games will be at PAX Unplugged with all things in the Cyberpunk franchises. 

The keynote speaker for PAX Unplugged 2023 has also been revealed as none other than Critical Roles’ DM superstar, Matthew Mercer.

Are you attending PAX Unplugged 2023? Do you wish we had a follow-up PAX here in Australia? Let me know in the comments section.