Pokemon GO and leading AR developer Niantic have announced a brand new game today, and it’s not based on any pre-existing IP.

The game is called Peridot, and it looks very adorable. Still, the schtick here isn’t about capturing wild creatures as you do in Pokemon GO and instead is focused on raising and exploring the world with your friends. 

Each creature in the game is unique, and you’ll be able to breed new Peridots with unique designs, although some are based on animals like cheetahs, dragons and unicorns.

It kinda sounds like a Tamagotchi game but AR focused, as all the images released show you feeding, caring for and waking the creatures. Certainly far from the capturing and battling Niantic is most known for in their games. 

You can register for access to the soft launch beta HERE, which sounds like it’ll be launching in some markets in the next month, although Niantic doesn’t list what countries. 

Niantic’s current games are Ingress Prime, which started everything; Pokemon GO, their most popular game by far and the recently launched Pikmin Bloom, based on another popular Nintendo franchise. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite recently closed on January 31st 2022. The team also has Transformers: Heavy Metal in development, but nothing has been heard about that game in some time.