Bugsnax is a game all about creatures that are half-bug, half-snack. It’s also the first PlayStation Plus game available for PS5 (it’s also available for PS4). It’s a charming game that’s most comparable to Pokemon Snap. You can read my review for the game HERE. 

Earning the Platinum in Bugsnax is mostly about catching the 100 unique species of Bugsnax on the island and making sure to complete all side quests. There are a handful of miscellaneous trophies associated with feeding certain Bugsnax to Grampuses (the islands residents), but they’re no trouble.

  • Trophy Difficulty: 1/10

  • Estimated Time To Platinum: 6-8 hours (with a guide, 8-10 without)

  • The Number of Missable Trophies: 1-2 (“Got To Catch Them All” & “Say Cheese!” are potentially missable. If enough people report they’re not after the games out I’ll happily change this.)

 Step 1: Play Through the Story 

As you play through the game capture as many unique Bugsnax as you can as well as completing any side quests. If you do any of the Legendary Bugsnax missions make sure you capture their smaller-snack creatures as well as the big monster at the end of the battle, as it appears these are the only missable Bugsnax in the game. 

You’ll reach a point of no return before the final quest in the game. After you finish the game you’ll be able to load back just before you started the mission to complete any side quests and miscellaneous trophies you’ve missed. 

Step 2: Complete all Side Quests

There’s a total of 38 side quests in the game. All are given to you by Grumpuses after they arrive in Snaxburg as part of the games main path. Some of the Grumpuses side quests paths lead you to the battles against the Legendary Bugsnax. .If you feel like you’re missing a side quest, I’ve listed how many quests each Grumpus gives you below and which lead to Legendary Bugsnack battles.

  • Wambus – 6

  • Beffica – 6

  • Gramble – 4

  • Wiggle – 3 (Legendary Bugsnack) 

  • Triffany – 4 

  • Cromdo – 3 (Legendary Bugsnack) 

  • Chandlo – 3 (Legendary Bugsnack) 

  • Snorpy – 3 (Legendary Bugsnack)

  • Shelda – 3

  • Floofy – 3

Step 3: Catch all Bugsnax

There are 100 unique Bugsnax to catch in the game. Thanks to your journal it’s easy enough to track which one’s you’re missing and from what area. For the aggressive Bugsnax that split into a smaller form when damaged, you have to catch both forms. The Legendary Bugsnax & the smaller Bugsnax they either shoot off or drop are also included in the 100 you need to catch. 

You don’t need to scan all the Bugsnax in the game even though your journal tracks if you’ve scanned a Bugsnack & caught it. Although I did scan them all as it makes finding out how to catch the Bugsnax easier. 

Step 4: Miscellaneous Trophies

Watch all five of Lizeberts video diaries, fully transform every Grumpus and feed them some specific combinations, unlock the secret path between the desert and lava cave and complete a couple of Bugsnax capturing related trophies (more details below). 

Additional guides for Bugsnax:

Bugsnax Trophy Guide


Bugsnax Master (Platinum)
Obtain all the Trophies.

Unlock all the other trophies and earn yourself the shiny Bugsnax Platinum.


Vacation’s End (Gold)
Complete the main story of Bugsnax.

[Story Related] You’ll get this by completing the game. 


Got To Catch Them All (Gold)
Catch 100 unique species of Bugsnax.

There’s 100 Bugsnax to catch in the game. Most of them are easy enough to find, although some only appear at certain times of the day, or under certain conditions. 

The 100 includes the 4 Legendary Bugsnax in the game as well as the mini-version they either create or drop when you damage them. 

If you need help with finding or capturing some of the harder Bugsnax, check out this guide.


Sidetracked (Gold)
Complete all the side quests.

There’s a total of 38 side quests in the game given to you by Grumpus’s in Snaxburg, none are missable. 

Feeding Frenzy (Gold)
Fully transform every Grumpus.

To fully transform a Grumpuses you need to feed it 13 Bugsnax, one to each part of its body (arm, leg, ears, teeth etc). This is easy to do at the end of the game when you most likely have a fully expanded inventory and can carry more Bugsnax. 

However, there are two Grampuses that you can’t feed normally. Shelda will only fully eat Bugsnax by the end of her side quests and Gramble can only be fed at midnight (see “Midnight Snak” below). 

Bossy Bugs (Gold)
Defeat all the Legendary Bugsnax.

There’s four Legendary Bugsnax to defeat in the game. Each battle comes as part of one of the Grampuses side quests and is not missable. 

If you need help defeating any of the Legendary Bugsnax check out this guide. 

Survivor (Gold)
All of the Grampuses survive.

[Help Wanted] I’m not sure what this trophy relates too. It may be that the Grampuses can die in the last mission if you haven’t completed their side quests (in which case, it’s still not missable as you can complete them by loading into the game again after finishing it), or it could be they can die if you’re really bad at helping them in the last mission (although I haven’t been able to make this happen). 

At this stage, I don’t think this trophy is missable or something to worry about. If you want to be extra careful just complete all the side quests before you start the last mission as that’s what I had done. 

If you have any tips or help with this trophy please let me know in the comment section below.

Documentarian (Silver)
Watch all of Lizbert’s video diaries.

Nearly all of Lizbets video diaries will be given to you by Grumpuses after you interview them or can be found via the keys they give you to things like her cabinet.

There is one diary that you have to find in Sugarpine Woods just sitting out in the open. If you enter Sugarpine Woods head right and go right towards the edge of the cliff.

To watch the diary entries head inside Lizbert’s house in Snaxburg and press square on the projector in the first room. I watched all of the videos from start to finish, so I’m not sure if the trophy won’t count if you leave, or don’t finish them.  

Talkin’ Bout Bugsnax (Silver)
Interview every Grumpus.

[Story related] You’ll have to interview every Grampus in town as the story progresses. 

In The Arms of the Gramble (Silver)
Donate the max amount of Bugsnax to Gramble’s ranch.

Gramble has a little hut set up outside his house that you can donate Bugsnax too. There are three stages that require a certain number of Bugsnax to be donated and each one gives you a slightly bigger inventory space to carry Bugsnax.

It doesn’t matter what you donate, so if you want to go catch a bunch of easy ones in the first area of the game and do this as early as you can, go for it.

Know Thy Neighbor (Silver)
Return every Grumpus to Snaxburg.

[Story related] This will come near the end of the game after you’ve got every Grumpus to return to Snaxburg.

Halfway There (Silver)
Catch 50 unique species of Bugsnax.

You’ll get this on your way to “Got To Catch Them All”

I’m Stuffed (Silver)
Fully transform a Grumpus.

To fully transform a Grumpus you simply have to feed it 13 Bugsnax, one to each area of its body. Once you’ve bug-snacked the legs, arms, teeth, head and ears you’ll be able to do the body and that’s when you know you’ve fed all parts of the Grumpuses body. 

Candid Cryptid (Silver)
Scan the Snaxsquatch.

In the final mission of the game, you’ll end up in a tunnel underground. If you veer off to the left into one of the dead ends the Snaxaquatch will charge at you and you’ll be able to snap a quick picture of it. 

I actually scanned it earlier than this by spotting it off in the distance while in Garden Grove. So if you keep your eye out, you too may spot it and score a more candid scan of the Snaxsquatch. 

Sundae Best (Silver)
Transform a Grumpus with a Scoopy, Banopper, and Cheery

The Scoopy, Banopper and Cherry are found in the final location of the game, Frosted Peak.

The aggressive Scoopy Banoopy is roaming around near the entrance to the area and if you set it on fire (either leading it into the campfire or by using the Trip Shot in the fire and then aiming it at the Scoopy Banoopy) it’ll eventually burst into the Scoopy and Banopper.

The Scoopy buries underground so just use the Trip Shot or Buggy Ball on some fire to stun it and capture it with your net. The Banopper will fly between the trees to the left of the campfire. Set up your Trip Shot between the rock to the left of the cave entrance ahead and one of the trees below to stun it and capture it with your net.

The Cherry can be found to the right of the cave entrance straight ahead of the campfire. 

trippin ball.jpg

Trippin’ Ball (Silver)
Stun a Bugsnak with the Trip Shot attached to your Buggy Ball.

For this trophy attach the Trip Shot to a wall, or tree and then place your Buggy Ball on the ground. Aim the Trip Shot at the ball and then make the ball run in front of any Bugsnack to trip it up.

The ball must be moving to get this trophy, you can’t just use it as one of the two points for the Trip Shot and have a Bugsnack run through it. 

grab bag.jpg

Grab Bag (Silver)
Empty one biome of all its Snackpods.

Snackpods are the bag-like Bugsnax that are usually hiding on the walls or cliff face areas. You can do this in any of the locations in the game, but I did it in Garden Grove. The video below shows you where all of the Snackpods are hidden in that area.

Everybody Gets One
Catch your first Bugsnak.

[Story related] The first trophy you’ll unlock after learning how to catch Bugsnacks.

Combo Meal
Transform a Grumpus with a Bunger, Fryder, and Sodie.

You’ll find the Bunger, Fryder and Sodie in Garden Grove where you’re taught how to use sauce. Simply catch one of each and feed them to any Grampus, assigning each snack to a different body part.

Launch Party
Stun a flying Bugsnak by launching another Bugsnak at it.

You can do this in any of the locations after getting the launcher, but I did it in Sugarpine Falls by leading one Big Bopsicles into a launcher I’d already aimed at a  Charmallow.

Midnight Snak
Transform Gramble.

Gramble does not like eating Bugsnax. So as evil as it sounds, you must approach him at midnight and feed him.

You can sleep in any bed around Snaxburg and then you’ll find Gramble walking out of his barn/house and around town. 

That Reminds Me of a Puzzle
Solve the secret of the lava cave or the secret of the dune.

In Boiling Bay there’s a cave with four statues. Simply press square on them in order of the fingers they’re holding up. 1,2,3,4 — a door will open in the lava against the wall that takes you to Sizzlin Sands.

Double Trapper
Catch more than one Bugsnak in your Snak Trap at once.

There’s plenty of times when you can perform this. The earliest is when you’re in Simmering Springs.

Simply get one of the Crapple to pick up the Pineantuala’s under the sand by throwing some chocolate on it. Layout your trap in its path and capture both the Crapple and Pineantula as it’s carried to the Crapples home near the edge of the water. 

Another example, capturing two small Bopsicles while in Sugarpine Falls is below.

Say Cheese!
Scan a Grumpus after saucing them with cheese.

[Potentially Missable] You can’t throw sauces while in Snaxburg, so I have this down as potentially missable at the moment. 

You get cheese towards the end of the game while in Sizzlin’ Sands. While there, before getting Shelda to return to Snaxburg, throw some cheese on her, and then snap a picture. This way you’ll be safe from potentially missing out. 

perf dirt.jpg

Perf Dirt
Steal Beffica’s diary from her cave.

After you’ve got Beffica to move from her cave in Garden Grove to Snaxburg (this is part of the story) you can return and steal her diary.

Catch 25 unique species of Bugsnax.

You’ll get this on your way too “Got To Catch Them All”

Gone Home
Find your way to Snaxburg. 

[Story related] Unlocked when you first arrive in Snaxburg early in the game.

Check behind the waterfall of secrets.

As part of Chandlo’s final quest, you’ll return to Flavor Falls to fight a Legendary Bugsnack. He’ll lead you through this waterfall on the way to the Bugsnack and you’ll unlock the trophy then.   

If this guide was helpful to you please let me know in the comments section below and share it on social media.