Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Josh Fox, most known for his Oscar-nominated and Emmy award-winning film Gasland, will be in Melbourne, Australia, for a special screening of his new film, The Edge of Nature.

In the film, Josh Fox secludes himself in a Pennsylvanian forest, hoping that nature will heal him from the neurological symptoms and cognitive damage he’s suffering from caused by Long COVID. 

The screening of The Edge of Nature will feature a post-film Q&A with Josh Fox. 

The short film Cry of the Glossy will also be screened before the feature. 

“Taking us on a journey through the forested hills of the NSW Southern Highlands (Australia), poet and Gunai woman, Kirli Saunders, reflects on the special place the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo holds in her heart and culture.”

You can book tickets for this special screening now by heading to the Cinema Nova website.