You’ve come here either after watching The Marvels or deciding to throw wind at any spoilers, which is your choice. But for anyone else who is stumbling upon this article:


The Marvels ends with Monica Rambeau locking herself inside another universe to seal a rupture in space-time. Although she’s not dead, all the characters in the film are mourning for her loss as it ends. Though Carol and Kamala talk about looking after Monica’s plane “until she returns.”

As it turns out, she is not dead and instead wakes up in a hospital bed inside another universe. At first, she sees someone who she believes to be her mother, Maria Rambeau. However, this person, even though Lashana Lynch plays her, does not recognise her at all. 

The moment that’ll have Marvel fans rearing up in their seats is when X-Men’s Beast, played here by Kelsey Grammer, walks into the scene. He catches up on what’s happened rather quickly, as ridiculous as it sounds, which is that Monica has fallen from another dimension. He also notes that Charles wants an update. 

When Beast leaves the room, Maria stands up and reveals a superhero costume. I’m not sure if she is supposed to be this Earth’s version of Spectrum or someone else entirely (please jump into the comment section with answers). And the scene ends with her asking who Monica is.

[Editor’s Note: The current prevailing theory is that Monica is an alternate version of a Carol Danvers alias: Binary. For a period in the 1980’s Carol Danvers was the hero Binary as part of the Uncanny X-Men but more recently the moniker of Binary has been taken by a Carol Danvers duplicate made of Captain Marvel’s Photon Energy. Comic Books! – Ashley]

Seeing as Kelsey Grammer is playing Beast here, we should assume, for now, that this is supposed to be the original 20th Century Fox X-Men timeline, which was designated as Earth-10005. This would make sense, as it would be fitting for the Disney MCU to collide with the OG Fox Marvel Universe when they finally bring the X-Men into the MCU. All things are pointing towards a ‘Secret Wars’ event down the line, which means colliding and ultimately bridging the universes.

Let me know what you think of the after-credits scene and where you think the MCU could be heading in the comment section below.