Look, the PS5 is one big machine. Let’s not mess about — it’s farkin huge. If you’re wondering how to fit this monstrous beast into your entertainment unit, or gaming set-up and a measuring tape doesn’t quite get you there, how about an AR PS5? 

A 3D artist has crafted a 3D-model of the PS5 with the disc drive and stand and you can look at this bad-boy wherever you want. You can even send it to your friend who missed out on a PS5 for them to play with. 

Here’s how it looks in one of the cubes I have below my TV. 

No bloody way. 

Download the 3D model HERE. Visit the link through your phone and then tap the AR symbol at the bottom of the image. Don’t worry about that big $49 price, you don’t have to pay for anything to preview the image. 

S/O Push Square