It Takes Two is the latest game from Hazelight Studios who are most famous for A Way Out, which seemed to open up a brand new and exciting co-op adventure genre.

The studios latest release is It Takes Two, a whimsical — although sometimes dark — and often a very weird adventure. You play as one of two characters, a married couple who have decided to go through a divorce, however, their daughter gets upset, cries on her dolls and somehow, magic! The parents are turned into dolls and must find a way to turn back into their human form.

Just like A Way Out you must play It Takes Two in either local or online co-op. So Ashley Hobley and I jumped into the game over a two-day period and you can watch our full playthrough below.

These videos come from Twitch where we originally streamed the game, and you should make sure you’re following us there, as well as subscribing to our Youtube channel.

It Takes Two – Part 1

It Takes Two – Part 2

It Takes Two – Part 3

Let me know if you enjoyed the videos, or if you’re enjoying the game yourself in the comments section below.

A code for It Takes Two was provided to us by the publisher.