If you manage to power from the complex six biomes in Returnal, your journey isn’t over just yet. Act 3, and the true ending remains for you to yet, and you’ll have to visit each biome once more and beat the boss in biome six another time to see things through to the actual finish.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find the six Sunface Fragments necessary to trigger Returnal’s true ending. However, given this game randomises the levels, I can’t tell you exactly where to go to find each of these rooms on your run. I did find each of these on my first time through the biomes after beating the game for the first time, so I think the game wants you to find them.

If you can’t find any of the Sunface Fragments and you’ve beaten Act 2, make sure you’ve exerted all of the house sequences. You should have played through five of them, and the house will now say it’s “dark” if you try to visit it.

If you’re happy to watch a video showing the locations of the Sunface Fragments, that’s below for you, otherwise, keep going for the text version.

Sunface Fragment – Overgrown Ruins

This one is located in a small room where you need to shoot an orb to activate some platforms. There are no enemies here. Just the fragment and a parasite if you so choose.


Sunface Fragment – Crimson Wastes

Look for an open triangle door that leads to a ‘no dash room’ with pillars and lasers.


On the other side, you’ll find a teleporter that’ll lead you to a tower, which has the fragment at the top.


Sunface Fragment – Derelict Citadel

The Derelict Citadel fragment is one of the easiest. Just head across the long bridge for the tower/boss fight and stop at the pool of water on your way in; it’s at the bottom of the pool.

Sunface Fragment – Echoing Ruins


Another open triangle room, and this one is a lava room with a locked triangle door at the other end. The Sunface Fragment is sitting in front of that door, so you don’t need any keys.

Sunface Fragment – Fractured Wastes

The other in-your-face Sunface Fragment is in the HUB room of Fractured Wastes. Head up to the top room, which you unlocked with three keys in your original run, and there’s an orb above you that will activate some platforms that house the fragment.


Sunface Fragment – Abyssal Scar

To find the final Sunface Fragment, look for one of the main rooms where some of the robot things are dropping lava balls onto a bridge.


Then find a piece of land off to the side where there’s a malignant chest. You should be able to spot an orb to shoot just past that chest that’ll drop the platforms leading you to the final piece.


What To Do With The Sunface Fragments

Now that you have all the pieces head to either Overgrown Ruins or Echoing Ruins and find the house for one last creepy event.

After the events of the house sequence, you’ll need to play through Abyssal Scar another time, beating the boss and dropping down into its hole. However, when you come to the car, don’t head past it for the ending you’ve seen previously. Instead, walk up to the vehicle and use the keys you got from completing that last house sequence. Enjoy the true conclusion of Returnal’s confusing story.

I hope this guide was helpful to you, and if it was, please let me know in the comments and share this on social media. 

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