Here’s where you can find all 16 characters need to unlock the “Social” trophy in Biomutant. I haven’t included ALL the characters in the game as a lot of them you’ll meet via the main quest. This list only includes the side quest characters the trophy description is talking about.

If you need help with any of the other trophies in the game, please check out the Trophy Guide here.

I’ve broken them down by location on the map.


Klick is located in Anywhere.

Pebble is located in Knack Hill, but their icon doesn’t appear on the map.

Jumble is located in Bullibull Glade.


Boom is located in Puffduff Bluff


Lump is located in Floatboat


Trim is located in Spurftop.

Honki is located at Sprill Slope. (You need to find them for another trophy as well)

Chubsa is located at Glurp Paddock, but their icon doesn’t appear on the map.

Juju is located at Faraway.

Mito is located at Brightlight.

Chu-Chu is located at End-of-the-Line


Gill is located in Burblebottom.

Nova is located at Watchout.

Mushroom Mire

Maya is located in Hex Hutt.

Kluppy Dunes

[You’ll need the Heatzone Suit to make it around Kluppy Dunes safely.]

Lobo is located at Blimp Station.

Sol is located at Out-and-About. To reach them you need to complete the two side quests for Lobo.