Biomutant is an open-world third-person RPG where you play as a small mutated creature in a post-apocalyptic world. If you’ve played any open-world game before and gone for its Platinum trophy, things here are fairly straightforward. This is, however, a much smaller experience than something like a Ubisoft game, so you won’t need to sink nearly 100 hours into this game to either finish it or achieve the Platinum trophy.

If you’d like to know my thoughts on the game itself, check out my review here.

  • Trophy Difficulty: 3/10

  • Estimated Time To Platinum: 20 – 30 hours

  • The Number of Missable Trophies: All 4 boss World Eater specific boss battle trophies are missable, so make a save before attempting each fight. The trophies are, That’s Mine, Snack-Time, Mariner and Gumshow.

STEP 1: Play the story up to the final fight, enjoy the game and keep an eye on the four World Eater boss trophies

After about an hour of tutorial, you’re free to do whatever you want in Biomutant so tackle the main missions or side missions in whatever order you wish. As you hit the World Eater boss fights, please make a backup save before each so you don’t miss their specific trophies.

There’s a couple of trophies you may want to focus on and be aware of to lower your grind towards the end of the game. Although I haven’t hit a level cap set at level 38, the sooner you use your skill points to unlock the stuff necessary for trophies, you can rest easy knowing you won’t lock yourself out of these trophies or need to grind levels to earn the points.

Focus on upgrading or unlocking these skills early to save a grind later

As you play, make sure you run up to a big bear creature holding a lantern every time you see it, no matter what you’re doing. It randomly appears throughout the game, and you need four encounters for the trophy Toytinkerer.

Lastly, as you explore the world make sure you capture any of the fox, bird and butterfly-like creatures you find for the collection of ‘capture 20 X’ trophies’

[Slight spoiler for the final boss and where the final chance to save your game is]

The final boss in the game isn’t the fourth World Eater; it’s the challenge that comes after. You’ll know who and what that is when you play the game. But when you reach that fight, make a save, so when you choose to roll credits, you can load back into your game to continue finishing things up.

STEP 2: Clean-up and miscellaneous trophies

A lot of the trophies in Biomutant come from miscellaneous activities and a handful of side quests. Depending on how fast you mainlined the core quests you’ll have more or less to do by this point, which is fine.


Biomutant Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Unlock every Trophy in Biomutant

Unlock all the other trophies in the game and you’ll earn the shiny Platinum for Biomutant.

The Adventure Begins (Bronze)
Escape Bunker 101

[Story Related] You’ll get this by completing the game.

Twinkle Twinkle (Bronze)
Discover a Twinkle Crashsite

This is part of a side quest given to you by Nova in which you investigate a crashed meteorite. [check their location in this guide.]

You can find Nova and the quest here:

Check out the video below for more.

Under the Table.jpg

Under the Table (Bronze)
Win a Drinking Competition against Gulp

You’ll meet Gulp as part of the main questline. Returning to him after you can complete a side quest that ends with him challenging you to a drinking completion.

Wung-fu Master (Bronze)
Defeat 50 Enemies using Super Wushu

This is your ultimate attack in Biomutant. To activate it, however, you need to do more than attack or hit enemies. Instead, you must land three different combo attacks. You’ll then be able to press L1 + R1 to enter Super Wushu for a short period of time. To earn this trophy, defeat 50 enemies while in that state. Obviously, the sooner you start working on this, the better, but you can also farm it fairly quickly in the end-game as well.

You can check your combos for each type of weapon in the Character/Wung-Fu menu.

Old World Gadgets (Gold)
Discover all 15 Old World Gadgets

As of patch 2.01, this trophy was bugged, but patch 2:02 should auto-pop it for you now if you couldn’t unlock it before.

To earn this, normally, you’ll have to discover/solve 15 different Old World Gadgets. These are things like microwave, tv, guitar and more puzzles. Whenever you enter an area with an Old World Gadget, this information appears in a checklist in the bottom left of the screen.

Thugs (Bronze)
Defeat 25 Bandits

Bandits are a specific enemy type that is found only in Bandit Camps. You’ll come across them naturally as you play, and there’s a total of 11 in the game. I got this trophy after clearing my 6th camp.

As with everything else in Biomutant, once you do something, once you get a quest that’ll help you track down the rest of the locations of the Bandit Camps in the game.

Tar-up (Bronze)
Drown 5 Enemies in Oil during Combat

Head into the Deadzone to earn this trophy with ease. There’s plenty of oil pools around here, and all you need to do is lead five enemies to their doom by having them chase you into an oil pool.

See the video below for more.

Specialized (Bronze)
Reach Level 25 with any Character Class

I’m level 38 in my current game, and I have no idea if there’s a level cap in Biomutant. You’ll earn level 25 easily by the time you finish the main campaign, or at least, your Platinum chase.


Kneel (Bronze)
Discover all 30 Altars

Altars are spread throughout the world, and each one awards you 1 Psionic point. There are way more than 30 Altars in the game, even if the trophy description states “all altars.”

You’ll easily get over half of the Altars by checking each of the enemy outposts in the game. Each one has a shrine located right near the entrance. The rest you’ll easily find as you explore the world and play Biomutant. They stick out in the distance as they look like small tents. See a shrine off in the distance; make sure to head over to it, don’t wait until later.

See below for what the Altar looks like.


Pew Pew! (Silver)
Unlock all Gun Proficiency Skills

There’s a total of 5 different types of guns in Biomutant, and each has a 1 point and a three-point combo/skill to unlock. You earn upgrade points by levelling up or reading a book found in each Bandit Camp.

I spent many points early in the game on non-combat skills and still earned both this and the Hack n’ Slash trophy below without a grind. If you want to make your Platinum run as efficient as possible, however, you can save up the 15 points necessary, save the game, unlock all the gun skills, load the game, and then earn all the melee skills.

Hack n Slash.jpg

Hack ‘n Slash (Silver)
Unlock all Melee Weapon Proficiency Skills

There’s a total of 5 different types of melee weapons in Biomutant, and each has a 1 point and a three-point combo/skill to unlock. You earn upgrade points by levelling up or reading a book found in each Bandit Camp.

DNA Overload.jpg

DNA Overload (Bronze)
Re-code your DNA at a Cooling Tower Biopool

Biopools are found in the radioactive contained areas. Each of these is underground and you’ll have to fight a mini-boss to access them. Early in the game, these boss fights are quite hard as you’re probably wearing the bio-hazard suit which has a low armour ranking. As such, I’d recommend going for this trophy later in the game.

Check out the video below for more.

Max Gains (Bronze)
Upgrade any 2 Attributes to 100

You’ll earn this quickly if you want to put all your points into two key areas from the beginning of the game. If you spread out your point allocations, you may have to do some level grinding, but I’ve very doubtful.

Personally, I focused on upgrading my health and damage in the early game and got this trophy without having to think about it.

Electrified (Bronze)
Defeat 20 Enemies using the Ki-Spark Ability

This is the one ability trophy that requires you to have a specific light/dark allegiance as you need 30 Light Aura points to unlock this skill. And it’s not cheap either at a close of 16 Psi-Points.

If you’re playing the game with a more Dark Aura leaning character, don’t worry. You can run around later picking up animals and petting them for quick light points. Or start NG+ as another option.

Check out the video below for more.

Stick it to Them (Bronze)
Stick 25 Enemies to the Mucus Bubble

This is a Biogenetics mutation that costs 12 Bio-Points to unlock. Once you have it, bounce into 25 enemies to earn this trophy.

Check out the video below for more.

Sproing! (Bronze)
Bounce 50 times on a Fungus

The Fungi is another Biogenetic power, but with a low cost of 4 Bio-Points. A small mushroom appears somewhere near you on the ground when you use it, which you can bounce on. Keep spawning and jumping on the mushrooms to earn this trophy quickly.

Check out the video below for more.

Nautica (Bronze)
Ride the Googlide across all Water Resistance Levels

The Googlide is a jet-ski you get access to in the second area of the main questline. Although this trophy description may sound like you’re looking for specific areas around the map, it actually just means you have to drive the Googlide across three different water depths, which require some engine upgrades.

Once you have access to the Googlide, you’ll be able to search out the Googlide Wrekboxes via a side quest. You don’t need all of them for the level 3 engine needed to earn this trophy. I only had to open 6, but I’m not sure if this could be more or less depending on what boxes you open and in what order.

When you have the level 3 engine, just make sure you drive across the blue (LVL 1), green (LVL 2) and brown (LVL 3) water which you’ll find easily enough traversing around that side of the map collecting the Googlide Wrekboxes.

Heavy Metal (Bronze)
Survive 5 minutes in the Mekton while in the Deadzone

The Mekton is a mech suit you use in The Deadzone, the first major area of the main questline and where you’ll fight the first boss. You’ll likely earn this by playing normally; if not, just stand in the Deadzone inside the Mekton for 5 minutes doing nothing, and you’ll unlock this trophy.

Rodeo (Bronze)
Ride a Gnaut 500 meters

There’s different types of animals you can unlock as your mounts in the game. You’ll unlock one early in the game as part of a quest, another later as part of the main-line quest. Ride any of them for 500 metres and you’ll earn this trophy.

It’s highly unlikely you’d miss this trophy while playing the game.

Toytinkerer (Bronze)
Unlock all Automaton Upgrades

As you play Biomutant, you may spot a bear-like creature holding a lantern in the distance. That’s not an enemy, so head up to it, and you’ll initiate a flashback sequence. After the fourth of these, you’ll earn the trophy.

I’d find it really strange if you don’t earn this as you play the game attempting to earn the Platinum. I unlocked all four before beating the main quest path.

In the Green (Bronze)
Possess more than 1000 Greenleaf

Greenleaf is the current in Biomutant. You’ll earn well over 1000 easily by picking up and selling weapons and mods you don’t need. Or simply by getting money from some enemies or grabbing the green leaves in some areas which appear in the checklist as “Green ATM’s.”

Elementary (Bronze)
Obtain 10 of each Crafting Resource

There are 5 different crafting materials in Biomutant, and you’ll find them by destroying either Resource Totems or disassembling gear. At one stage, I’d looted and salvaged so much I had a max of 99 of each of the resources, so this should come very naturally for everyone.

Zoo-do (Bronze)
Capture 20 Sqvips

You’ll first be introduced to the Sqvips before the boss fight with the Jumbo Puff and then must capture a few more in the wild to earn this trophy. They’re small fox-like creatures and easy to spot, so make sure to capture one whenever you see one, and you won’t have to run around attempting to farm this at the end of your Platinum run.

Check out the video below for more.

Quack (Bronze)
Capture 20 Gumducks

Gumducks are introduced prior to the Porky Puff World Eater boss fight. However, they don’t appear to spawn in the wild following this, and instead, you’ll have to return to “Gumquack Hallow” several times to capture enough Gumducks for this trophy.

They seem to respawn every 15-30 minutes of real-time.

Below is the location of Gumquack Hallow:

Check out the video for more

Bugologist (Bronze)
Capture 20 Glittermoths

Glittmoths are introduced to you before the Hoof Puff World Eater boss fighter. They’re shiny butterfly creatures with a distinct sound in the wild and stand out with their sparkles at medium distance.

Following your first time seeing them, they’ll start spawning in the world for you, so like the Sqvips, make sure you stop and capture one anytime you spot one.

Check out the video below for more.

Flap-flap (Bronze)
Capture 20 Pippis

Pippi’s spawn all over the world, and they’re more-or-less crows. Like the other creatures, you just need to stop and capture one whenever you see or hear one, so you don’t need to farm this up later.

Check out the video below for more.

Angler (Bronze)
Capture 20 Guppos

Guppos are introduced to you before the Murk Puff World Eater boss fighter. These, like the Gumquacks, seem to only spawn in one area of the game, and you must return to this location periodically to capture more.

Below is the location of “Guppo Grotto” where you’ll find more Guppos:

guppo grotto.jpg

Unlike the Gumquacks, however, I couldn’t get back into this location easily. I think it was a glitch, but I got around it by unlocking the levitate Psi-ability and using that slightly levitation to get into where you need to go.

See below for an example of what I’m talking about.

Check out the video below for more on capturing the Guppos.

Bagman (Bronze)
Buy an item from Honki

Honki is a side character you can find just south of the World Tree. You’ll have to complete two quests for him before you can buy anything from him.

Check out the location of Honki below.

Adventurer (Bronze)
Discover all 7 Environment Biomes

The only area you won’t go to as part of the main questline is Kluppy Dunes, which is located in the very north. However, you will need to go there for other trophies, so don’t stress you don’t have it earlier.

Eye on the Road (Bronze)
Discover and enter 3 Manholes

There’s a bunch of Manholes to climb down throughout the world of Biomutant. You can spot them on your map (but can’t mark them annoyingly) so just climb down the first three you spot.

Paragon (Gold)
Defeat All four World Eaters

[Story Related] You’ll get this by completing the game.

That’s Mine (Bronze)
Detonate 3 Bangballs on the Porky Puff

[Missable] Please make a save before this boss fight.

Scattered around the water during the first stage of the Porky Puff boss fight, you’ll see Bangballs which you can drag behind your craft by pressing square. Simple move three of these under the boss and shoot the mine to have it explode.

Check out the video below for more.

Snack-time (Bronze)
Feed the Jumbo Puff World Eater 6 Sqvips

[Missable] Please make a save before this boss fight.

When fighting the Jumbo Puff, it’ll open its boss and inhale a bunch of air, and it’s during this time, you can spam L2 to shoot Sqvips in its mouth.

Check out the video below for more.

Mariner (Bronze)
Feed the Murk Puff 10 Guppos

[Missable] Please make a save before this boss fight.

Towards the end of the first phase, or during the Murk Puff’s second phase, it’ll go into its shell at times to make an attack. During this time, you can blast its shells with Guppos.

Check out the video below for more.

Gumshow (Bronze)
Pull all Teeth from the Hoof Puff

[Missable] Please make a save before this boss fight.

When you’re fighting the Hoof Puff, you can shoot its wound to get it to drop to the ground and then attack a tether to its teeth to pull them out. There’s a total of four teeth to be pulled to earn this trophy, so have fun playing dentist.

Check out the video below for more.

The Dragon (Silver)
Defeat or Subdue all five Rival Tribe Leaders

[Story Related] You’ll get this by completing the game.

Aside from the World Eaters, the other main questline in Biomutant is about solving the war between the six tribes. During that quest, you’ll reach a point where you can keep fighting or subdue to remaining tribes. Choosing to subdue and end the fighting early doesn’t lock you out of any trophies, so feel free to choose whatever you want.

Conquest (Bronze)
Take Over 6 Tribe Outposts

[Story Related] You’ll get this by completing the game.

Show-off (Bronze)
Defeat Enemies using 3 Different Tribe Weapons

You’ll get at least three tribe weapons no matter what choices you make in the Tribe questlines. Once you have three, use each one to defeat one enemy. You’ll know you’re receiving a tribe weapon because you have to revive it via a special case, and you can’t sell these weapons.

Conscious (Silver)
Complete all 20 Conscience Dialogues

These are any of the choices where the white/black aura characters appear in front of you. The trophy says “all 20 conscience dialogues,” but I’ve seen plenty since I earned this trophy. You can track these in your journal as well under the dialogues section.

Trek (Silver)
Discover all 6 Tribe Forts

If you choose to end the fighting early, you won’t naturally go to each of the 6 tribe forts in the game. However, they are easy to find, and if you can see the map, you’ll spot each of the Tribe forts you haven’t entered yet by hovering over them and seeing if it lets you fast travel there or not.

Starstruck (Bronze)
Craft a 7-star Weapon

I have several 7-star weapons in my inventory now, but the weapon (and my weapon of choice) I unlocked this trophy with is the Tri Murgel Sword. You can unlock it by heading to Surgipelago and going to the Lumentower in the picture below:

Once there, climb to the top and activate the lighthouse to reveal the hidden Riddleroom. Inside you’ll earn the Tri Murgel Sword, which only requires two add-ons to become a 7-star weapon.

Hammertime (Bronze)
Find and Equip 5 Different Mekton Upgrades

There’s a total of 14 different Mekton upgrade crates you can find, but you only need a couple of them to earn this trophy.

To equip the upgrade, press down on the d-pad when you’re in the Mekton, and then you’ll be able to swap out parts.

Riding the Wave (Bronze)
Find and Equip 5 Different Googlide Upgrades

You’ll unlock this when you’re finding boxes for the Nautica trophy.

Knockout! (Bronze)
Deal more than 1000 Damage in a Single Hit

This sounds like a lot, but you’ll be dealing well over 1000 damage by the time you’re approaching the Platinum in Biomutant, especially once you have a 7-star weapon in hand.

Social (Gold)
Discover all 16 Side Characters

There are over 16 characters in the game, but this trophy is focused on the potential ones you won’t bump into during the main questline.

Here’s a guide to finding all of the ones you may be missing.

End of the Rainbow (Bronze)
Find out what’s at the End of a Rainbow

Once you find Jumble [check their location in this guide], you’ll get a quest to find out what’s at the end of the rainbow. Complete that quest, and you’ll earn this trophy.

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