This Sunday it’s time for All Elite Wrestling’s biggest event of the year, All Out. This year’s event shall see several key storylines come to a head and all belts are on the line for a massive PPV.

In the main event, you have Jon Moxley defending his title against MJF. Mox was left bloodied and bruised at the end of this week’s Dynamite so MJF better watch his back. He does have one advantage however, Mox cannot use the ‘Paradigm Shift’ which is his key finishing move.

We’re also going to see FTR attempt to take the tag team belts off Kenny Omega and Adam Page. Page, who recently cost the Young Bucks a shot at the belts and got himself kicked out of The Elite, hasn’t been looking too sure of himself.

Hikaru Shida is in for some steep competition from Thunder Rosa, the current NWA women’s world championship holder as well as the Tokyo Ishi Pro Wrestling International Princess champion. Shida hasn’t had a tough defend of her title since she won it off Nyla Rose back at Double or Nothing so it’s time to prove she deserves to hold it still.

All Out 2020 is a pay-per-view event. You can watch via Fite TV or the PlayStation store.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions for AEW: All Out 2020 below alongside Buddy Watson from Radio Watson and Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists.

Look for a special All Out 2020 episode of Radio Watson featuring everyone involved in this article following the event.

Keep track of who’s winning the overall AEW 2020 predictions at the bottom of the article.

Britt Baker vs Big Swole (Tooth and Nail match) 


Ashley Hobley: Britt Baker

No way does Britt Baker, who was set to be the top heel in the company before her injury, lose in her return. Expect Big Swole to get her pound of flesh but Britt to steal the victory.

Buddy Watson: Britt Baker

It’s obvious that Britt is still not 100% and from how it was named and built, this match will be more cinematic style, prerecorded at Britt’s office in Pittsburgh to protect Britt. I see Britt getting the win, especially with the dental gimmick named match and to strengthen her claim for a title shot on full return. Expect plenty of hijinks.

Ciaran Marchant: Britt Baker

Britt is returning to action earlier than many expected and with the news that this is going to be a cinematic match this will be a great way to push the ‘Role Model’ without pushing her too hard. I think Swole has carried much of this feud so far with Baker playing an amazing heel but the Women’s division is in need of a larger than life Heel like Baker to boost its ranks.

Dylan Blight: Britt Baker

I wasn’t sure what this match was going to be until Buddy suggested it was a pre-taped match. This was confirmed after by Tony Khan. With that in mind — I guess Big Swole is showing up at the Dentist’s office to wreak havoc. No matter who wins it’ll continue to build the rivalry between Swole and Baker as they have had some of the best Dynamite bits in recent months.

As for who will win, I’m going to say, Britt. I know the ‘rules’ say Big Swole should, but I need Britt to start building back up.

Ryan Betson: Britt Baker

Having this moved on to the main card is awesome, especially if Britt is back after injury. This win will get her back in line for that Women’s title

21-man Casino Battle Royal (Lance Archer, Darby Allin, Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, Pentagon Jr, Rey Fenix, The Butcher, The Blade, Eddie Kingston, Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz, Chuck Taylor, Trent, Shawn Spears, Billy Gunn, Austin Gunn, +?)


Ashley Hobley: Surprise Entrant

Of the 3 Casino Matches so far, two have been won by people we didn’t know we’re going into the PPV (Hangman Page at Double or Nothing 2019 and Brian Cage at Double or Nothing 2020) so I’m betting on it happening again. In a dream world, it would be Pac. (Slightly) more likely would be a debuting Chris Hero.

Buddy Watson: Eddie Kingston

The build-up leans towards one of Archer, Allin or Team Tazz to triumph and with an AEW World title shot on the line I don’t see Allin getting it as he has had plenty of shots and already faced Moxley to no avail. Cage had his crack and Starks needs to continue to build towards a match with Allin.

So Archer could be the pick. Another big bad (and with NJPW history to reference) for Mox to overcome before what I think will be an eventual challenge from “The Cleaner”.

But my smokey though is Eddie Kingston to use his short term alliance to steal the victory and be the violent stepping stone for Mox v Kenny.

Ciaran Marchant: Eddie Kingston

Since stealing the show with his opening promo and match against Cody, Eddie has forced his way into the AEW roster and from there, his storyline with the Lucha Bros and The Butcher & The Blade has begun. But I would love for Kingston to betray this faction he has formed to take the win here and to show that he is in this for himself.

Dylan Blight: Shawn Spears

This shit is stacked. So many storyline’s and rivalries already in play, as well as those being built in the ring. But I have to pick one winner and I’m going with Shawn Spears.

Spears has been missing from Dynamite (mostly) following a defeat from Dustin Rhodes during Double or Nothing. He looked like a fool there. However, over the last couple of months under the tutelage of Tully Blanchard, he’s built himself into someone to fear, as has been shown on AEW Dark.

Ryan Betson: Lance Archer

With the list so far filled with team guys, I see it going a handful of ways. Plus Murderhawk is a dope name!

Jurassic Express vs The Young Bucks


Ashley Hobley: The Young Bucks

Jurassic Express face the Young Bucks again, this time without Kenny Omega, but the final result is likely to be the same.

Buddy Watson: The Young Bucks

Bucks need the win and I can see a more aggressive, cocky, arrogant Bucks pick up the win.

Ciaran Marchant: The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are a part of the hottest storyline in wrestling right now. With them showing a more brutal presence in this week’s 8-man tag, I am excited to see the ruthless Young Bucks take out their frustration on Jurassic Express and push themselves towards being where I thought they were at their best, in that sweet spot between Face and Heel.

Dylan Blight: The Young Bucks

It’s going to be a night for The Elite showing a dark side and it starts here with the Young Bucks winning.

Jungle Boy is probably going to get that long-deserves single push soon and I can see Jurassic Express fading away as a stable somewhat, so them losing the tag team bout won’t be a big deal.

Ryan Betson: The Young Bucks

Seeing Express get the win would be awesome, but the Bucks got some fire behind them after Hangman costing them the title shot.

Matt Hardy vs Sammy Guevara (Broken Rules match)


Ashley Hobley: Matt Hardy

Matt ain’t going anywhere so he has to win this one. Expect a brutal encounter that makes Sammy look great.

Buddy Watson: Matt Hardy

I hate matches where if someone loses they are out of the company. The only way they could make a Sammy win happen is if Hardy lost and a “new” Hardy emerged. But it’s all set up for Matt to get the win. Especially being a “broken” rules match. Also, that sets up Sammy from potentially being unable to help Jericho and an eventual “you went missing on us when we needed you most” moment for Sammy to get kicked out or leave the Inner Circle (Late 2020/Early 2021).

Ciaran Marchant: Matt Hardy

Before the stipulation was announced for this match I would have gone with another win for Sammy here but with Matt’s career in AEW on the line, I cannot see him leaving the company just yet.

Dylan Blight: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy has to win, he ain’t leaving AEW. Having that stipulation makes the match kinda stupid. I expect a bloody brawl none-the-less.

Ryan Betson: Sammy Guevara

All I hope is that we see more chairs in faces. The winner is irrelevant. Also, Matt could eat the loss and make the younger talent look mad.

The Dark Order vs The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona


Ashley Hobley: The Dark Order

With Mr Brodie Lee winning the TNT Title, Dark Order finally has some serious momentum. They need this win to keep on track to be the dominant faction in AEW.

Buddy Watson: The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona

I’m torn. This is such a hard match to pick. I think I’m going the good guys here. Colt to eat the pin and maybe get kicked out and Cardona and/or Sky to set up a shot at Mr Brodie.

Ciaran Marchant: The Dark Order

I have been sipping the Kool-Aid since the Dark Order became a major part of BTE. And since winning the TNT title the Dark Order and Brodie Lee have been on fire. I cannot see this ragtag family ripping them down, currently. I am excited to see more from Matt Cardona and I’m glad Scorpio Sky is on the pay per view.

Dylan Blight: The Dark Order

I loved the promo that QT gave during “Road To All Out,” but I’m still voting for The Dark Order here. With Brodie picking up the TNT belt it’s time to see the cult… er, group? Rule AEW with an iron first.

I will say that I expect Colt Cabana to play a big part in this match. Maybe he’ll turn on Brodie finally and they’ll lose, but I’m expecting to see him commit to The Dark Order fully.

Ryan Betson: The Natural Nightmares, Scorpio Sky, Matt Cardona

The Dark Order barely have names! Who expects them to win!?!?

(Editor’s note: they have numbers)

Chris Jericho vs Orange Cassidy (Mimosa Mayhem match)


Ashley Hobley: Orange Cassidy

There is no doubt in my mind that Jericho is going in that vat. Part of me thinks that he could win via pinfall with Cassidy giving him a mimosa bath post-match, but I think putting Cassidy up in this feud 2-1 makes the most sense.

Buddy Watson: Orange Cassidy

I want Jericho to win but it would great for Orange to win and I think he should. Can’t wait to sip on some Mimosas (thanks for the idea Benny) at 10 AM on a Sunday. Gotta love time zones and the bubbly!

Ciaran Marchant: Orange Cassidy

This feud has built Orange Cassidy up so well into becoming the main event attraction for AEW. Now its time to strap a rocket to him and let him fly off into the stars with a halfway thumbs up. Jericho has been fantastic in this feud and his work to buildup Cassidy into the star he is now will not go unnoticed, but also, who would not want to see Jericho in a vat of Mimosa?

Dylan Blight: Orange Cassidy

Someone is getting dunked in A LITTLE BIT OF THE BUBBLY! And it’s Jericho. Ya boy Orange is about to superman punch the leader of The Inner Circle into a freshly squeezed finale.

Ryan Betson: Orange Cassidy

Jericho is getting dunked in that bubbly juice combo!

Kenny Omega & Adam “Hangman” Page vs FTR (AEW World Tag Team Championship


Ashley Hobley: FTR

A foregone conclusion that FTR will take the titles. What happens post-match is what we’re all going to be tuning in for.

Buddy Watson: FTR

The match I’m most looking forward too. Months of teasing the four horsemen, the fracturing of the elite, Kenny turning heel. So many layers. I expect FTR to win. I also expect Kenny to finally turn on Hangman and Hangman to get the double maybe triple superkick at the end. No one leaves The Elite/Bullet Club without getting super kicked out. If all this happens and the Elite turns heel and Hangman once again gets treated like someone getting gang bullied at school I may just cry. Again.

Ciaran Marchant: FTR

This is my match of the night. To be honest, the match matters very little to me because I think the outcome is somewhat obvious. But this one match will answer so many questions about what may be the greatest storyline in the present era of wrestling. Why did Hangman break our hearts? F**k Hangman!

Dylan Blight: FTR

This is the match I’m looking forward to the most and for all the wrong reasons. I’m ready to have my heartbroken. FTR is going to win. Hangman will split from Kenny, and we’ll see the return of “The Cleaner.”

At the end of the day, FTR will have a belt, Shawn Spears will have a title shot and the 3/4 horseman under Tully will be close to holding all the titles.

Ryan Betson: FTR

All stepping stones to a Kenny turn!

Hikaru Shida vs Thunder Rosa (AEW World Woman’s Championship) 


Ashley Hobley: Hikaru Shida

Shida to win in a competive match.

Buddy Watson: Hikaru Shida

So happy that Thunder Rosa is here and this match is happening. Sadly it shows how poorly the women’s title has been booked and planned out but this could steal the show. Team Shida.

Ciaran Marchant: Hikaru Shida

Shida takes the win here and continues to build her championship reign to stand atop of a women’s division that seems to be on the cusp of a growth that will push the division into the spotlight. Thunder Rosa had a great display on this week’s Dynamite so expect this match to be the dark horse for the match of the night.

Dylan Blight: Hikaru Shida

This is going to be a great match for Shida to retain against solid competition in Rosa.

I don’t see AEW ever dropping belts to anyone, not in their promotion, but I love seeing them bring in other talents from promotions none the less.

Ryan Betson: Hikaru Shida

Should be a killer match. Shida is just too rad. Thunder Rosa is just keeping the spot warm for Baker.

Jon Moxley vs MJF (AEW World Championship) 


Ashley Hobley: Jon Moxley

Moxley to overcome the obstacles and rules to retain his title. MJF’s campaign to be champ has been good, and he will be one day for sure, but the timing is just not right with a return to the Omega-Moxley feud looking likely.

Buddy Watson: Jon Moxley

Mox to win but MJF to show just how good of a wrestler he is. His match against Jungle Boy stole the show at Revolution.

The presidential-like campaign MJF has been on has been a bit ‘meh’ to build this rivalry. But MJF looking like John Maclane from Die Hard, biting open head wounds, and violently rubbing Moxley’s blood over his face and chest on the go-home show has me so much more excited. Could this be the start of Wardlow and MJF falling out? MJF is better than you and you know it (except for Moxley).

Ciaran Marchant: Jon Moxley

This match may be the hardest to call for the whole card. Will MJF be an amazing heel champ? Yes. But am I ready to miss out on Moxley’s championship reign when fans are just returning? No. But I do see this match having a screwy ending which pushes this fantastic feud further into the year and builds more towards that MJF, eventual win.

Dylan Blight: Jon Moxley

Moxley is on the cover of PWI as the number one wrestler of the past year. He’s the people’s champ. He sure ain’t losing that belt to MJF. Not today.

MJF is good. Look at his record. No singles lose and he likes to brag about that. “I’m better than you, and you know it.” Since Mox can’t use his signature finisher I expect to see him use one of MJF’s. A ‘Feinstein Armbar Special’ would be a great insult to injury.

Ryan Betson: Jon Moxley

Only because I selfishly want Omega vs Mox for the belt later in the year. Mox and MJF will do something amazing!

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Dylan Blight – 2
(Fyter Fest, Fight For The Fallen)

Ciaran Marchant – 1
(Fight For The Fallen)

Ashey Hobley – 2
(Double or Nothing, Fight For The Fallen)

Buddy Watson – 1
(Fight For The Fallen)