AEW: Fyter Fest Night 1 is taking place on Thursday, 2cnd of July at 10 AM AEST & Night 2 is on Thursday, 9th of July at 10 AM AEST. Both nights feature massive matches that Dynamite has been building towards both recently and since Double or Nothing earlier in the year.

The event is free-to-air on TNT and apart of the AEW subscription on FiteTV. Fyter Fest promises a PPV event on your regularly scheduled Dynamite time slow and all the AEW belts are on the line.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions alongside Buddy Watson from Radio Watson. You’ll be able to hear the four of them discuss their thoughts on the event in full in two week’s time after Night 2 has aired on the Radio Watson podcast.



Jurassic Express VS MJF & Wardlow

Dylan’s Prediction: Jurassic Express Wins 

Last week’s Dynamite featured a surprisingly high-flying match between Luchasaurus and Wardlow with the Dinosaur coming out on top. MJF can yell “I’m better than you” all he wants, but he’s losing this one. I think the tension between MJF and Wardlow will also grow by the end of this.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Jurassic Express Wins

These two teams have put on an excellent set of singles matches in recent weeks. Now with the two teams coming to a head, this is a great opportunity for Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy to get a win over the heels without harming MJF’s future singles push.

Ashley’s Prediction – MJF & Wardlow Wins

I’m predicting a lot of babyface wins so I need a hell to win too even things out. We could still build the tension between MJF and Wardlow without them losing.

Buddy’s Prediction
– MJF & Wardlow Wins


Private Party VS Santana & Ortiz

Dylan’s Prediction: Private Party Wins

With Matt Hardy in Private Party’s corner, I don’t see them losing today unless Jericho gets involved, which he might.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Santana & Ortiz

The original tag team of the Inner Circle is going to move back into the tag team title picture as they have done some incredible work in recent weeks. Since their loss to the Bucks and their involvement with the Inner Circle/Elite storyline, they have fallen down the ranks of the title picture. Another strong win really pushes this team back into the running.

Ashley’s Prediction – Private Party Wins

Can’t see Private Party losing with Matt Hardy in their corner. PTSD from Stadium Stampede?

Buddy’s PredictionSantana & Ortiz Wins


Hikaru Shida VS Penelope Ford (AEW Women’s Championship)

Dylan’s Prediction: Hikaru Shida Wins

I’m a Superbad Squad fan, and I’m looking forward to seeing both Penelope and Kip but there’s no way Shida loses.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Hikaru Shida Wins

Penelope Ford has done a fantastic job rising to be the heel that pushes Shida forward as champion. Even though I could see an underhanded win by the heels while keeping the title on Shida, I think this is a great chance to build Shida as a truly dominant champion

Ashley’s Prediction – Hikaru Shida Wins

No chance Shida loses her title so soon. Nice strong clean win to build her run.

Buddy’s Prediction Hikaru Shida Wins


Cody VS Jake Hager (TNT Championship)

Dylan’s Prediction: Cody Wins

They just featured a very boxing-like press-conference on Dynamite so I expect this to follow through and be a big match of punches. Cody will bleed, people on Twitter will complain he does it too much. I’ll enjoy it. I’m also expecting to see Hager’s wife, Catalin, make another appearance after last weeks Dynamite. Is she becoming more involved in AEW? Maybe.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Cody Wins

The TNT Championship is truly becoming a staple of the weekly Dynamite schedule and to keep building this Cody needs to pick up the win here in dastardly fashion as he continues his spiral into becoming the egotistical champion that will build the next champion beyond just a mid-card title.

Ashley’s Prediction – Cody Wins

Can’t see Cody losing the title util he faces MJF.

Buddy’s Prediction
Cody Wins


Hangman Page and Kenny Omega VS Best Friends (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Dylan’s Prediction: Best Friends Win

The only belt I see changing hands in this event is this one and I can’t be mad about it. The Best Friends have been putting on some amazing matches lately and it’s time to put Kenny and Hangman back into singles. This is especially true with the ever-growing list of A+ tag-team talent in AEW.

Ciaran’s Prediction –  Best Friends Win

This match is potentially the match to steal the show from across both nights. Trent & Chucky T have been on a tear in recent weeks really building themselves to be the tag team to beat in the division. With Omega & Page building towards what could be the feud that defines this year of wrestling this will be the perfect occasion to move the storyline forward

Ashley’s Prediction – Hangman Page & Kenny Omega Wins

Reckon Best Friends come close but Page and Omega to overcome them.

Buddy’s PredictionHangman Page & Kenny Omega Wins



Jon Moxley VS Brian Cage (AEW World Championship)

Dylan’s Prediction: Jon Moxley Wins

This is going to be a huge match and I expect Mox to struggle against ‘The Machine’ Brian Cage, but it ain’t time to lose that belt yet.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Jon Moxley Wins (DQ)

Does this match actually go ahead? Who knows at this point, but just to be safe I believe Moxley retains here. Cage will drive the champ to the edge and even have the champ beat before going beyond what was needed and Taz’s advice, losing the match in the process. Would not be surprised if this is a DQ win to continue the feud past one match.

Ashley’s Prediction Jon Moxley Wins

Can’t imagine they would push Cage to the top so quickly but he will provide a good showing with Moxley scrapping a win.

Buddy’s PredictionJon Moxley Wins


Young Bucks & FTR VS The Butcher, The Blade & Lucha Brothers

Dylan’s Prediction: Young Bucks & FTR Win

The eventual match between both the Young Bucks and FTR is going to be something special, but AEW is in no rush to get to something that’s been talked about for years. Instead, we’re going to continue to see how well the two teams work together as has been teased in Dynamite.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Young Bucks & FTR Win

This match has somewhat oddly been put together to further the Bucks vs FTR storyline. The two teams win this while showing a competitive spirit that builds to their upcoming blowout match. Sadly this comes at the loss of the returning Lucha Bros and the somewhat floundering Butcher & Blade.

Ashley’s Prediction – Young Bucks & FTR Wins

Young Bucks & FTR get the win before one team inevitable turns on the other.

Buddy’s PredictionYoung Bucks & FTR Wins


Orange Cassidy VS Chris Jericho

Dylan’s Prediction: Chris Jericho Wins

His friends are going to walk away with a win, but Orange Cassidy is going to walk away dazed and confused. If last week’s Dynamite teased anything, it’s that Orange Cassidy is going into this to win, but I can’t see it happening. I expect a proper brawl though. And maybe not as much comedy-wrestling stuff as you’d expect from Cassidy given they got that out of the way during Dynamite. Jericho said he wasn’t having it, maybe he’ll come prepared and stuff Cassidys pockets full of oranges so Cassidy can’t put his hands in them.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Chris Jericho Wins

If the match against Pac was Orange Cassidy’s Civil War then the upcoming match with Jericho will be ‘Freshly Squeezed Homecoming’ as this match will continue to cement Cassidy as a true singles centrepiece for AEW but Jericho will pick up the win here as he builds momentum to further develop this fantastic feud with Iron Mike Tyson.

Ashley’s Prediction – Orange Cassidy Wins

Orange Cassidy shocks the world. Akin to 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon. Freshly Squeezed steals the win and shows he is more than just a comedy act. Moxley next for the world title, please.

Buddy’s PredictionChris Jericho Wins


Lance Archer VS Joey Janela

Dylan’s Prediction:  Lance Archer Wins

I expect Janela VS Mox level of a fight here. The ‘murder-hawk monster’ is going to come out on top, but Janela is working on something special with Sony Kiss at the moment anyway.

Ciaran’s Prediction –  Lance Archer Wins

Lance Archer continues his rebuild in becoming the true monster within AEW and Joey Janela is a fantastic choice to help build that. Despite this being another big loss for the Bad Boy there is plenty of hope in the budding tag team with Sonny Kiss.

Ashley’s Prediction – Lance Archer Wins

Archer to kill Janela. But pin him first.

Buddy’s PredictionLancer Archer Wins


SCU VS Dark Order

Dylan’s Prediction: Dark Order Win 

This is a three-way tag with Colt Cabana on the side of the Dark Order. I expect Brodie Lee to pull some heel moves to win, but Colt sees them this time (he didn’t during last weeks Dynamite) and he decides it’s not for him. He may win, but he turns his back on the Dark Order in the end because he ain’t about that lifestyle.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Dark Order Win

This is my favourite storyline currently in AEW and another win will continue to push Cabana into the open arms of the Dark Order and continue to build one of the best storylines happening in wrestling today.

Ashley’s Prediction – Dark Order Wins

Brodie Lee to get the win after his Double or Nothing loss to Moxley. Expect more story progression with Colt Cabana.

Buddy’s PredictionDark Order Wins


Nyla Rose VS TBD

Dylan’s Prediction: Nyla Rose Wins

I assume this is going to be something of a squash-match or at least a way to start getting Nyla some wins again after losing the title belt at Double or Nothing. Is her mystery opponent someone new to AEW? I doubt it. Maybe, someone, we haven’t seen for a while instead.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Nyla Rose Wins

Despite the upcoming surprise, I doubt that this will derail Rose’s return to singles competition after the loss to Shida.

Ashley’s Prediction – TBD Wins

TBD for the win. Hoping its Awesome Kong returning to give Rose someone her own size to compete with.

Buddy’s PredictionNyla Rose Wins

Let us know your predictions for Fyter Fest 2020 in the comments section below.