This year All Out PPV is being touted as AEW’s biggest show ever, and it might not be stretching to say that it certainly will be.

Coming off the back of CM Punk’s debut at AEW: Rampage, he quickly jumped to the top of social media and has wrestling fans, current, lapsed and others talking about him. His first opponent, Darby Allin and the two are locked into a straight-edge duel. We still have no idea if this is the main event of the show or not, but the pay-per-view is undoubtedly being marketed around this match.

Chris Jericho has put his career on the line by challenging MJF for one last match: if he loses, he retires from wrestling in AEW. Will this see The Pinnacle and The Inner Circles feud come to a close? Or just heat things no matter who wins?

God’s favourite champion has challenged Eddie Kingston to repent for taking the “easy way” into AEW. But Eddie isn’t going to go easy on Miro or listen to whatever he thinks “his god” is leading him to say, do or believe.

Britt Baker will be defending the Women’s Championship belt against the alien Kris Statlander, who’s coming in hot after a two-vs-one win on AEW: Rampage.

The Young Bucks, now on a 300 days reign as the tag team champions, will defend against the Lucha Bros in a steel cage match. Given what these two teams did in a ladder match a couple of years ago, a steel cage only sounds more threatening and painful for everyone involved. Will the Bucks retain, or is it time for The Super Elite to start dropping belts somewhere during this show?

The leader of The Elite, Kenny Omega, will be defending his AEW World Champion belt against Christian Cage. He previously lost to Cage during the debut episode of AEW: Rampage and dropped the Impact belts to Cage.

Elsewhere on the PPV, you have a massive Women’s Casino Battle Royale, Moxley taking on NJPW’s Kojima and Paul Wight making his in-ring debut for AEW against QT Marshal.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions for AEW: All Out 2021 below alongside Buddy Watson from Radio WatsonMikey Ball, Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists and Benny McJannett from ATEBIT.

Look for a special AEW: All Out 2021 episode of Radio Watson following the event.

[BUY IN] Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express vs. Matt Hardy, Private Party, Jack Evans and Angelico

Ashley Hobley: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Orange Punch for the Pinfall

Explain: It’s the buy-in. Let the faces win and go into the main show happy.

Benny McJannett: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Orange Punch on Jack Evans

Explain: Buy in to get people excited for the show and to “Buy-In” to the PPV. Gotta give the faces the win.

Buddy Watson: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Trent? to make a comeback. It’s right on two months since his surgery, and it usually takes 2-3 months to return, so maybe he will have light involvement. Cassidy and Jungle Boy need to keep the momentum with a win.

Ciaran Marchant: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Tap out to the Snare Trap

Explain: Orange Cassidy and Jungle Boy in the same team? yeah there is no way they are losing this one with how over those two are currently with live audiences

Dylan Blight: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Orange Punch on Jack Evans and pin.

Explain: The crowd loves Orange Cassidy, Best Friends, Jurassic Express, so this is an easy win for them and a way to get excited.

Mikey Ball: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Pin by Jungle Boy on Matt Hardy

Explain: It’ll be chaos, and it’ll be filled with a lot of fun spots. Hard to pick a winner.

Ryan Betson: Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, Wheeler Yuta and Jurassic Express

Win Condition: Jurassic Express Pinfall

Explain: This is entirely the ending I wanna see. Jurassic Express are so good. I love the Best Friends. And that new flippy finish with Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy makes me feel all things.

Paul Wight vs QT Marshal

Ashley Hobley: Paul Wight

Win Condition: DQ

Explain: I think this is the spot where you reveal Bryan Danielson to the AEW audience, saving Paul Wight from a beatdown by The Factory.

Benny McJannett: No Contest

Win Condition: Paul Wight forfeits

Explain: Just piling on from a cool fan theory booking angle I heard, Paul is either still hurt from Gunn club attack or gets attacked again before the match, and Adam Scherr (formerly known as Braun Strowman) takes his place and decimates

Buddy Watson: Paul Wight

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: QT Marshall sucks. Interesting to see if Ogogo returns to knock Paul out at some point and with the whole Gunn club turning.

Ciaran Marchant: Paul Wight

Win Condition: Knockout Punch

Explain: His first match after his 22-year Career with WWE will be a short affair with the former Big Show landing the knockout punch quickly before a post-match beat down.

Dylan Blight: Paul Wight

Win Condition: Choke slam for a foot-on top cover.

Explain: Paul Wight picks up his first victory in AEW. The crowd hates QT, but as far as I can gather, there’s not much love for this angle. People will love to see Wight decimate QT.

Mikey Ball: Paul Wight

Win Condition: K.O

Explain: Paul is gonna KNOCK HIS ASS OUT

Ryan Betson: Paul Wight

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: I’m sadly using my WWE math here. I’m sorry, it’s how I learnt wrestling math wrong but it’s what I know! I don’t see Paul losing here. Returns have such a power. But similar to MJF, the heat is potentially huge. QT Marshall just isn’t all that interesting and a win here wouldn’t even help.

Jon Moxley vs Satoshi Kojima

Ashley Hobley: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Paradigm Shift and pin.

Explain: Think they’ll have the AEW talent go over on the NJPW talent unless there is an ongoing storyline

Benny McJannett: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Paradigm Shift

Explain: Slugfest between the two. Mox goes over cause NJPW didn’t want Tanahashi to lose the U.S. title on an AEW show

Buddy Watson: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Paradigm Shift – pinfall

Explain: We know this was supposed to be Tanahashi. I think that match will happen during G1 or Wrestle Kingdom.

Ciaran Marchant: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Paradigm Shift into the Bulldog Choke, win via tap out

Explain: A hard-hitting affair that will hopefully live up to the match that was supposed to be. Jon Moxley will show to be the Ace of AEW.

Dylan Blight: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Paradigm Shift and pin.

Explain: A hard-hitting fist fight in the middle of the show that’s mostly about crowd reaction, but Mox is just going to Paradigm Shift his way to a victory.

Mikey Ball: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: It’s gonna be a crazy stiff matchup. I’m not familiar with Satoshi’s work, but it’s going to be nuts, and I’m looking forward to it.

Ryan Betson: Jon Moxley

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: When I hear Kojima I think of someone else. So I have no idea who this is. But I see Jon Moxley defeating Hideo Kojima… wait not that one.

Women’s Casino Battle Royale: Abadon, Anna Jay, Big Swole, Diamante, Emi Sakura, Hikaru Shida, Jade Cargill, Jami Hayter, KiLynn King, Kiera Hogan, Leyla Hirsch, Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, Rebel, Red Velvet, Riho, Skye Blue, Tay Conti, The Bunny, Thunder Rosa + TBA

Ashley Hobley: Riho

Win Condition: Riho takes out the team of Baker lackeys, Rebel and Jami Hayter, for the win.

Explain: Riho hasn’t had a title shot since losing to Nyla Rose in February 2020. The Inaugural champ vs Britt Baker seems like a good one to book

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: Riho, Rebel, Jami Hayter, Anna Jay, Mystery person: Mickie James

Benny McJannett: Anna Jay

Win Condition: Throws out Ruby Soho or Hikaru Shida

Explain: Queen Slayer has returned and is a good chance to build her back up again

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: Ruby Soho, Anna Jay, Thunder Rosa, Jamie Hayter, Jade Cargill

Buddy Watson: Anna Jay

Win Condition: Last in

Explain: So many threads in this match, and it shows the strength of the women’s division right now. Diamanté/Swole feud, Allie/Penelope teaming up v Tay/Anna and Thunder Rosa and Jade from last week. I see those two cancelling each other out and feuding before either get a shot at Britt. The mystery person is Ruby Soho in the Joker spot/inspired gear she has.

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: Shida, Jade, Thunder, Anna, Hayter

Ciaran Marchant: Anna Jay

Win Condition: Anna Jay throws Tay Conti over the top ropes

Explain: What a perfect return for Anna Jay, to not only give her a big win to put her back where she was prior to the injury but also a set up for a former friendship feud to be ongoing.

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: Tay Conti, Anna Jay, Jami Hayter, TBA, Thunder Rosa

Dylan Blight: TBA

Win Condition: Throw the last person over the ropes to win.

Explain: I love picking the wildcard most Casino Battle Royales, even though AEW doesn’t ALWAYS go with the wildcard. But since it’s a Women’s Battle Royale, it seems a great time to have a surprise injection into AEW’s Women’s Division, and I’m going to say that person is the wrestler formally know as Ruby Riot in WWE, now going by Ruby Soho.

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: TBA, Thunder Rosa, Jami Hayter, Penelope Ford, Tay Conti

Mikey Ball: Thunder Rosa

Win Condition: Over the top rope

Explain: Cool wrestlers doing cool shit. You cannot open loose. Well, actually, I guess everyone who goes over the top does.

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: Thunder Rosa, The Bunny, Tay Conti, Nyla Rose, Hikaru Shida

Ryan Betson: Thunder Rosa

Win Condition: Over the top rope

Explain: This was tough. A number of these women are already in storylines that don’t involve the title. Thunder Rosa is by far one of the best on the list, even though she has already had a great run with Britt and the championship side of things. Seeing a Baker vs Rosa II for the title, however, now that gets me moist.

Bonus PTs (30) – Pick the top 5: Thunder Rosa, Red Velvet, Jami Hayter, Tay Conti, Jade Cargill

The Final Fight: Chris Jericho vs MJF

Ashley Hobley: MJF

Win Condition: Diamond ring punch for the win

Explain: I’m picking MJF mostly as reverse psychology but Jericho is 50 years old and this storyline has felt a bit like that one last run from a veteran. MJF would have nuclear heat and Jericho could sit back and allow Sammy to take over as the head of the Inner Circle, potentially eventually earning Jericho the chance to return. The timing also seems right, two years after becoming the first AEW Champion at this event. Plus, with all the partnerships AEW has with other promotions, there is no shortage of places Jericho could wrestle instead. Also, I want to hear Buddy’s reaction to this.

Benny McJannett: Chris Jericho

Win Condition: Judas Effect

Explain: There’s no way he’s giving up wrestling and retiring from the ring. Not yet. And even if he does win, MJF still can claim three victories over Le Champion, which not many men can.

Buddy Watson: Chris Jericho

Win Condition: Judas Effect – pinfall

Explain: Jericho can’t retire. Not yet. And not at the hands of MJF and going 3-0. It’s too risky to tip, but I’d love for Jericho to make MJF tap out to the Walls and return the favour.

Ciaran Marchant: Chris Jericho

Win Condition: 2 x Judas Effects into the Pinfall

Explain: Jericho still has plenty in the tank and with the landscape of wrestling changing so much there are plenty of fresh matchups for the GOAT ahead. Yes the death of a legends career would be a fine way to set up MJF but he does not need to follow the path of a Viper in the grass.

Dylan Blight: Chris Jericho

Win Condition: Judas Effect and pin

Explain: If Jericho loses, it’d have to be because he really is retiring from wrestling, which I just don’t see him doing anytime soon. Although his future may be as a full-time commentator and on-screen presence, over full-time performer — it’s not now, as much as Jericho’s hater would like to say. He’s winning, and it’s going to be his first massive victory as a face in AEW over the most enormous prick in the company.

Mikey Ball: Chris Jericho

Win Condition: Submissions – Walls of Jericho

Explain: Crazy big matchup and huge stipulation, but I can’t imagine Jericho not picking this one up and finishing his in-ring career like this.

Ryan Betson: MJF

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: This is it. The retirement of Jericho. What a way to go out, by putting over one of the best heels in the game. Jericho has been wrestling for near on 30 years. He was brought in as the appeal to get people over to AEW from other promotions. He did exactly what was needed of him. He did it like a literal (le) champion. I see him taking time for the Fozzy tour than returning to commentate Rampage.

The unmeasurable heat this will bring to MJF is unimaginable. He made one of the greatest of all time quit. Like this arrogant ass needs more ammo, but he will have it.

TNT Championship: Miro (c) vs Eddie Kingston

Ashley Hobley: Eddie Kingston

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Of all the belts being defended, this one seems the most likely to change hands. Eddie Kingston has been brilliant for AEW and deserves this moment in front of a crowd.

Benny McJannett: Miro

Win Condition: Game Over

Explain: I love Eddie, and he deserves a belt, but Miro is still building

Buddy Watson: Miro

Win Condition: Submission

Explain: No way God is going to let his favourite champion lose.

Ciaran Marchant: Eddie Kingston

Win Condition: DQ

Explain: This match may steal the night in my opinion. A truly hard-hitting affair that will lead to Miro getting disqualified to prove just how much God loves him. This also leads to an even more brutal match with looser rules at Full Gear.

Dylan Blight: Miro

Win Condition: Chokes Eddie until he passes out.

Explain: Eddie got his moment to stand tall over Miro on Saturday’s episode of Rampage. It’s going to be a belter of a match, and I can’t wait to hear Eddie get some proper crowd face-cheering, but he’s not going to win the match. I expect him to lose in some super-strong way, though, so I’m going to say he passes out.

Mikey Ball: Miro

Win Condition: Submission

Explain: I LOVE BIBLICAL TALK IN THESE PROMOS. I’m all for Miro as champ, and I hope it stays this way.

Ryan Betson: Miro

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: I would love nothing more than seeing Kingston with the TNT title. He is amazing. Even though the character isn’t entirely over with me, it appears AEW have some plans with Miro. I can’t see where they are going or how it will work. Part of me doesn’t see it leaving Miro just yet.

AEW Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) vs The Lucha Brothers – Steel Cage Match

Ashley Hobley: The Young Bucks

Win Condition: Pinfall after distraction from the outside

Explain: Gut feeling here. Hard to believe the Lucha Brothers haven’t held the titles yet but I think the Buck hold the titles until Full Gear where the Elite will lose all the gold

Benny McJannett: Lucha Bros

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Honestly, I could see it going either way, I just feel like Lucha Bros beat the Bucks at All Out two years ago so why not keep that trend going

Buddy Watson: Lucha Bros

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Their ladder match from 2019 was one the most absurd matches I have ever seen. This could go to another level. People are flying off the cage, people trying to get into the cage. Anything could happen. Could Andrade help swat off any outside craziness to show them they need him? That he was there when PAC wasn’t? Not sure.

Ciaran Marchant: Young Bucks

Win Condition: Shenanigans lead to the Bucks escaping the cage.

Explain: The Bucks heat is at an all-time high and needs to be used to jettison an ultra babyface team to the moon. Had this match had a certain boy and his dinosaur I would be tipping this match the other way. Prepare for fireworks tho and bodies flying everywhere.

Dylan Blight: Lucha Bros

Win Condition: Some insane move from the side of the cage.

Explain: If the Young Bucks win this match, I don’t know where they drop the belts and to whom. Now is a good time as ever and to a more than deserving tag team in The Lucha Brothers, who have consistently put on some of the best matches in AEW history, including their ladder match a couple of years ago.

Mikey Ball: Lucha Bros

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: I might be alone on this one, but I reckon Lucha Bros might have an upset on their hands on this one! The cards are stacked right for this one.

Ryan Betson: Lucha Brothers

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: I foresee a break in the elite. There are already two sets of tag champs in the stable. Someone has to drop them. This opens up some internal feuds for Bucks and Good Brothers. The Tag division is certainly exceptional but I wouldn’t mind seeing some new shoulders holding those belts.

AEW Women’s Championship: Britt Baker (c) vs Kris Statlander

Ashley Hobley: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Locks in the Lockjaw after some help from Jamie Hayter

Explain: Britt Baker is AEW’s top female and the head of a newly formed alliance so the title ain’t going anywhere yet.

Benny McJannett: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Lockjaw tapout

Explain: Baker is too over and it’s too early into the return to the road to not have someone of her calibre holding and promoting the title

Buddy Watson: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Lockjaw – submissions

Explain: Britt Baker is the MVP right now. I can’t see her losing. Especially flanked by Jamie and Rebel.

Ciaran Marchant: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Lockjaw

Explain: Britt Baker is on the course to the wrestling moon, one without a particular alien of course. I would even hazard a guess to have Adam Cole Bay Bay to make an appearance here.

Dylan Blight: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Lockjaw tapout

Explain: Baker losing this early in her run would be insane. I expect this to be her best defence, however, as Kris is just THAT good.

Mikey Ball: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: The newly resigned Britt Baker will continue her streak in dominating the women’s division!

Ryan Betson: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Lockjaw submission

Explain: I love Statlander. Personally and professionally. Her character is great. Her wrestling is great. However Baker’s run as champion has barely begun. Part of me thinks it could be a screwy finish, like Rebel or Hayter get in play, but I’m not confident.

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs Christian Cage

Ashley Hobley: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: One-Winged Angel from the top rope

Explain: He’s lost one belt to Christian Cage, he ain’t losing another.

Benny McJannett: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: One-Winged Angel

Explain: Outside interference or not, Kenny wins. Hangman is the rightful one to take the title.

Buddy Watson: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: One-Winger Angel, pinfall

Explain: I can’t see Kenny losing twice to Christian in a month. I suspect shenanigans and a post-match beat down for Christian with someone making the save. An American Dragon? Someone named Adam?

Ciaran Marchant: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: One-Winged Angel

Explain: Christian has had his victory with the impact title, the AEW championship is not to follow as Omega goes even further to desperate tactics to maintain the prize of all prizes.

Dylan Blight: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: One-Winged Angel

Explain: It’s round two for these two, and Kenny isn’t losing the AEW belt. I think this will be a surprisingly short match on the card, and with my thoughts on CM Punk vs Darby main eventing, that’s okay. I want Kenny to fight to retain that belt properly and go out of this PPV solid and ready to go down that road to set up his fall to Hangman later this year.

Mikey Ball: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: There will be a run-in by Omegas boys, and I’ll be damned if I don’t see Christian get sprayed in the face by that dude with the can. Every time it is GOLD.

Ryan Betson: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: One-Winged Angel

Explain: Kenny isn’t dropping it yet. That’s for Hangman to do.

CM Punk vs Darby Allin

Ashley Hobley: CM Punk

Win Condition: GTS for the Pinfall

Explain: You don’t bring back a cult hero, have him fight for the first time in front of his hometown crowd and lose. This is a no brainer. We just have to hope that The Best in the World is still the best in the world and more Edge than Goldberg…

Benny McJannett: Draw

Win Condition: The bell rings

Explain: The same as Darby vs Cody back at Fyter Fest 2019. Darby and Punk push each other to the time limit. Having one go over the other doesn’t do the loser any favours in my mind. Mutual respect is earned between the two. If I had to pick a winner, I’d say Punk goes over.

Buddy Watson: CM Punk

Win Condition: GTS

Explain: Punk has to win. In Chicago, first, match back. The storyline of him losing and having self-doubt doesn’t help Darby if he’s beat a has-been.

Ciaran Marchant: CM Punk

Win Condition: GTS

Explain: The man who would have CM Punk lose his first match after 7 years of absence would be a brave one indeed. Punk needs to remind the world why he is the Best in it.

Dylan Blight: CM Punk

Win Condition: GTS

Explain: It would be terrible booking to have CM Punk lose in his first match in AEW — his first wrestling match in 7 years. Punk is winning, but it’s going to be a hell of a fight that both shows he’s still got it and is the “best in the world” but a match that also elevates Darby Allin.

Mikey Ball: CM Punk

Win Condition: GTS for the three count

Explain: I can’t imagine the return for wrestling ends in anything but a clean match. They’ll put on a very fun match, and it’ll be heaps of fun!

Ryan Betson: CM Punk

Win Condition: GTS for the Pinfall

Explain: This was a tough one. I think while Punk would be keen to put Darby over, I don’t see him taking a L in Chicago on his return after 7+ years.

Bonus Round Questions

  • Any shock appearances outside the battle Royale and who is it?

Ashley Hobley: Bryan Danielson

Benny McJannett: Any shock appearances outside the battle Royale and who is it? Adam Scherr and Buddy Mathews. I also heard “the IInspiration” might show up. Trent coming back for the Buy-In would be cool too.

Buddy Watson: Daniel Bryan. Too risky with COVID to wait for the N.Y. rampage show. Pull the trigger now. I would also love to see Adam Cole, but that may be too many awesome things on one show.

Ciaran Marchant: Adam Cole as Bryan Danielson has all been confirmed by Punk in previous promos. To have a stadium full of Pro Wrestling Fans yelling Bay Bay once more is enough to give me Cult of Personality chills.

Dylan Blight: Bryan Danielson debuts to challenge Kenny Omega, the IInspiration make an appearance to tease the upcoming Women’s Tage Division and Adam Cole (baybay) aligns himself with The Bucks after they lose the belts.

Mikey Ball: I think it’ll be clean.

Ryan Betson: Daniel Bryan and Ruby Soho

  • Will CM Punk vs Darby Allin be the main event?

Ashley Hobley: Yes. Keep that Chicago crowd waiting til the end and go off the air with the crowd chanting “CM PUNK”

Benny McJannett: Sure, why not? It currently is being marketed that way and has more hype for the title match.

Buddy Watson: No. The only time the AEW title hasn’t main event a big 4 PPV has been a Lights Out match between Omega and Moxley and the pre-recorded stampede matches.

Ciaran Marchant: Yes, AEW has established that the World Championship does not have to close out the show. Having CM Punk standing tall as the show closes will be a memorable moment.

Dylan Blight: I’m saying yes and I think it’s the best move. It’s the biggest match on the card, even if it might not end up being the BEST match. The only way Kenny vs Cage should finish is if Danielson shows up afterwards.

Mikey Ball: I think it will be Christian/Omega.

Ryan Betson: Yes. Cage and Omega will open. There is no way they are not ending this on that massive CM Punk pop.

  • Extra?!

Buddy Watson: I also get this feeling Andrade will still have a segment where he is in a 1-minute squash or destroys somebody for fun out of frustration. That man will be Feugo!!!