All Elite Wrestling’s first PPV for 2021 is Revolution and it’s guaranteed to be one of the years biggest shows.

In the main event, there’s an insane Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match with Kenny Omega defending his World Champion title against Jon Moxley, who badly wants to earn it back. There’s never been a match like this on an American promotion before and I’m sure many ran straight to Google when the match was announced, so it shall be interesting to see how it’s received by bigger audiences. It’s sure to be very violent and full of blood.

The Young Bucks are defending their Tag Team belts against MJF and Chris Jericho of the Inner Circle in a very personal match. After everything between the two factions seemed to die down after The Stadium Stampede at Double or Nothing last year, it’s once again boiled over with MJF and Jericho attacking Papa Buck and sending him straight to the hospital. Matt and Nick are out for revenge here, but they’ll need to keep some sense of calm to be able to win the match.

Hikaru Shida, the AEW Women’s Champion shall be defending her title against Ryo Mizunami who fought hard and smart on both Japan and American soil to be the winner of the Women’s Tournament. If Ryo’s match against Nyla Rose last week on Dynamite was a sign of anything, it was that she’s sure to be trouble for Shida — although it seems the champion is salivating a fight.

We don’t have Darby Allen defending his title this PPV, but he is going to war against Team Taz who has been nothing but a pain in his ass for months now. Fortunately, he has some big help in his corner with The Icon, Sting stepping back into the ring for the first time in years for this Tag Team Street Fight.

The rest of the card is filled out with some amazing matches as well. Adam Page is going up against Matt Hardy with the first quarter of each of their pays on the line, Miro and Kip Sabian are looking for revenge against Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor for ruining the wedding and there are two huge contenders matches happening. First with the ‘Face of the Revolution’ Ladder match with the winner getting a shot at the TNT belt, and then the Casion Tag Team Battle Royale with the winner getting a shot at the Tag Team belt.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions for AEW: Revolution 2021 below alongside Buddy Watson from Radio Watson, Mikey Ball, and Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists,

Look for a special AEW: Revolution 2021 episode of Radio Watson following the event.

[Buy In] Riho and Thunder Rosa VS Dr. Britter Baker, D.M.D and Reba


Dylan Blight: Riho and Thunder Rosa

Win condition: Reba is pinned

Explain: Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker have this long-brewing hatred for one another, and I’m sure that’ll continue, by Britt ain’t winning this match. Reba is supposedly also injured at the moment, so this is basically 1 v 2.

Mikey Ball: Britt Baker and Reba

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: I will preface all my decisions are based on myself being ‘The Casual WWE/AEW fan’. So I might not watch the weekly shows and keep up to date with running storylines. For this match, I think it’ll just be an entertaining match and the truly charismatic D.M.D will have the winning pinfall.

Buddy Watson: Riho and Thunder Rosa

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Poor Reba will cop the fall (if she actually makes the match, secretly hoping it’s Maki Itoh). Riho and Rosa are top tier and I hope they push into the title scene with Britt. Rosa to get her revenge here.

Ryan Betson: Britt Baker and Reba

Win Condition: N/A

Ashley Hobley: Riho and Thunder Rosa

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Riho is only just back in the promotion and could use the momentum and Thunder Rosa needs some revenge over Britt Baker.

Ciaran Marchant: Riho and Thunder Rosa

Win condition: Clean Pin on Reba.

Explain: Good easy match where the faces get the win with not much on the line here in this match.

Miro and Kip Sabian VS Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy


Dylan Blight: Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy

Win condition: Orange Punch on Kip and pinfall for the win

Explain: I don’t expect this to be the end of this warfare of Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs Miro, Kip and Penelope. I could also see Trent showing up at some point here to reunite the trio and stand tall while Miro screams bloody murder.

Mikey Ball: Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: I think this match will go as expected, with Orange Cassidy having a ‘hulkout’ like moment within the match opening up a pinfall for Chuck to win.

Buddy Watson: Miro and Kip Sabian

Win condition: Submission

Explain: Miro is going to destroy Orange Cassidy and I’m gonna love every moment.

Ryan Betson: Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy

Win condition: N/A

Ashley Hobley: Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Can’t bet against Orange Cassidy. Hopefully, we get a visit from Trent and Sue.

Ciaran Marchant: Miro & Kip Sabian

Win condition: Miro makes Chuck tap in the Game Over

Explain: Miro & Kip need to get some momentum back after being shown up by the Best Friends, possibly adding a third member to Miro & Kip to build towards Trent’s Return.

Casino Tag Team Royale: Bear Country VS The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) VS The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) VS The Inner Circle (Santana and Ortiz) VS The Butcher and The Blade VS Private Party VS Top Flight VS Varsity Blondes VS Death Triangle


Dylan Blight: SCU

  • 1st out: The Pretty Picture

  • 2nd out: The Dark Order (5 & 10)

  • 3rd out: Gunn Club

  • 4th out: Sydal Brothers

  • 5th out: Varsity Blondes

  • 6th out: The Butcher & The Blade

  • 7th out: Bear Country

  • 8th out: The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver)

  • 9th out: Natural Nightmares

  • 10th out: The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Greyson)

  • 11th out: Top Flight

  • 12th out: Private Party

  • 13th out: Death Triangle

  • 14th out: The Inner Circle

Explain: SCU has agreed to split the next time they lose a match. And although I don’t think losing is Royale would count, I can see them heading towards a loss to push Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky all in their own directions. With them picking up the win, they’ll go on to face The Young Bucks, where I’d expect them to lose.

Mikey Ball: Private Party

  • 1st out: Top Flight

  • 2nd out: The Butcher and the Blade

  • 3rd out: Uno/Grayson

  • 4th out: Bear Country

  • 5th out: Reynolds/Silver

  • 6th out: Inner Circle

Explain: This was a tough pick, as I don’t really have a huge amount of background knowledge on these teams, but Private Party are dope as hell, so I’m gonna pick them.

Buddy Watson: Santana and Ortiz

  • 1st out: Gunn Club

  • Second last out: PAC and FENIX

Ryan Betson: Silver and Reynolds

  • 1st out: Private Party

  • 2nd out: bear country

  • 3rd out: top flight

  • 4th out: butcher and the blade

  • 5th out: Uno and Grayson

  • 6th out: Santana and Ortiz

Explain: Cause I want to see it, that’s why

Ashley Hobley: Death Triangle

  • 1st out: Gunn Club

  • 2nd Last out: Reynolds/Silver

  • Last out: Inner Circle

Explain: Death Triangle vs Young Bucks would be great.

Ciaran Marchant: Death Triangle

  • 1st out: The Pretty Picture

  • 2nd out: Gunn Club

  • 3rd out: Sydal Brothers

  • 4th out: Chaos Project

  • 5th out: 5 & 10

  • 6th out: Bear Country

  • 7th out: Uno and Grayson

  • 8th out: Private Party

  • 9th out: Top Flight

  • 10th out: The Butcher and Blade

  • 11th out: Santana and Ortiz

  • 12th out: Varsity Blondes

  • 13th out: Natural Nightmares

  • 14th out: Silver & Reynolds.

Explain: N/A

Big Money Match: Matt Hardy VS Hangman Adam Page


Dylan Blight: Hangman Adam Page

Win condition: Buckshots Matt Hardy into another personality and picks up a pin

Explain: It’s gonna be the year of the cowboy real soon and you all better be ready. Someone is about to be a hell of a lot richer and it ain’t gonna be that stinking SOB Matt Hardy.

Mikey Ball: Hangman Adam Page

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: I think Hangman needs this win. He’s such an over dude and I think this win could lead to him getting into the World Title picture.

Buddy Watson: Hangman Adam Page

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: We have seen Hangman hit rock bottom. Let’s see how Big Money Matt handles his clients with no money and desperation.

Ryan Betson: Hangman Adam Page

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Big Money Matt with less money could be interesting. I’m open to a new gimmick and getting Page back up there.

Ashley Hobley: Hangman Adam Page

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Hangman gonna hit Hardy with that Cowboy Shit. Hoping this is the start of the build to Hangman vs Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship.

Ciaran Marchant: Hangman Adam Page

Win condition: Buckshot lariat for the pin

Explain: This match has me torn but I think they need to keep building Page towards that Omega feud. IF not that Dark Order may mistakenly cost Hangman the Match.

The Face of The Revolution Ladder Match: Cody Rhodes VS Penta El Zero Miedo VS Scorpio Sky VS Lance Archer VS Max Caster VS TBA


Dylan Blight: Penta El Zero Miedo

Win condition: A fast climb to the top of the ladder after having knocked everyone down

Explain: Penta vs Darby Allen sounds amazing. Not that the rest of these competitors couldn’t put on a good match with him, but I just think the look of Darby and Penta alone is interesting enough. So as much as I always wanna predict the mystery person, I’m going with my gut.

Mikey Ball: Penta El Zero Miedo

Win condition: Penta knocks Cody off the top of the ladder.

Explain: Penta is such a badass and I just want to see him win this. I think this MIGHT be the match of the night. Obviously, with the deathmatch, it’ll be difficult but so many high energy and fun wrestlers in this one, it has the capability.

Buddy Watson: TBA (unless that it’s Shaq, then I got Sky)

Win condition: CLIMBS LADDER LOL

Explain: Whenever a TBA is announced they come out and win as Cage did in the last one. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Shaq come out and destroy Cody in this at some point after the empty ambulance scene Wednesday. Would love it to be Sammy but I feel he has other plans on the show. Spears to win and then take the TNT title Wednesday?

Ryan Betson: Penta El Zero Miedo

Explain: Cause I want it!

Ashley Hobley: TBA

Win condition: N/A

Explain: Who doesn’t like a surprise winner? Not that it really matters. I don’t think any competitor will take the title off Darby Allin.

Ciaran Marchant: Scorpio Sky

Win condition:  Sky turns heel during this match and steals the victory from Rhodes.

Explain: With how Sky acted on the recent Dynamite episode I think we may be seeing a heel turn for him going forward to set up some interesting feuds going forward.

Tag Team Street Fight: Darby Allin and Sting VS Brian Cage and Ricky Starks


Dylan Blight: Darby Allin & Sting

Win condition: Something ridiculous like Darby putting Ricky inside a body bag, but ultimately leading to Sting dropping a Scorpion Death Drop and on Brian Cage for the pinfall.

Explain: You’re not gonna build-up to this over two months, reveal that Sting will not only participate, but can bump, and then have him and the current TNT Champion lose. I expect this to be an insane street fight with Darby taking a lot of risky bumps, while Sting takes a few more manageable ones.

Mikey Ball: Darby Allin & Sting

Win condition: Sting wins with a Scorpion Death Drop, pinfall

Explain: I’m super excited about this and I think it’ll be a good match. Sting won’t be in for too long, but he’ll get a classic hot tag and do a couple of stinger splashes then Allen will take out Brian Cage allowing Sting for the pin.

Buddy Watson: Darby Allin & Sting

Win condition: Starks taps out

Explain: I feel Darby is gonna do some insane shit like jumping off a high place to take out Cage whilst Sting can make Starks tap out with the scorpion deathlock! Sting is going to hit multiple home runs with his bat.

Ryan Betson: Darby Allin & Sting

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: No way Sting is losing his first match at AEW

Ashley Hobley: Darby Allin & Sting

Win condition: Allin Pins Cage.

Explain: AEW won’t repeat WWE’s mistake of having Sting lose his first match.

Ciaran Marchant: Darby Allen and Sting

Win condition: Darby Coffin drops off something really tall and dumb

Explain: Darby needs to move past Team Taz and Sting cant be losing his first match back.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) Vs Chris Jericho & MJF


Dylan Blight: The Young Bucks

Win condition: BTE Trigger on Jericho for the pinfall.

Explain: Secretly I’m hoping Papa Buck turns up and gets a sly shot on Jericho, but I doubt that’s gonna be the play. This will be a very psychological battle and the Young Bucks will surely have to deal with some cheap shots, and dirty moves from Jericho, MJF and Wardlow. But I expect them to come out on top.

Mikey Ball: The Young Bucks

Win condition: Sammy interferes and stops MJF/Jericho from winning.

Explain: I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure on the storyline from not watching the weekly but I feel like this is the most appropriate way to finish it right? Either way, as much as I want MJF and Jericho to pick up the win, Sammy has to have some involvement.

Buddy Watson: Chris Jericho & MJF

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Sammy either costs them the match or will be there post-match to let out his frustrations and draw the battle lines for the Inner Circle turmoil.

Ryan Betson: The Young Bucks

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: I like seeing the Inner Circle in turmoil. Plus #DoItForPapaBuck

Ashley Hobley: The Young Bucks

Win condition: Bucks win after interference by Sammy Guevera

Explain: See the Inner Circle/Sammy storyline ongoing and it really doesn’t need the tag titles.

Ciaran Marchant: The Young Bucks

Win condition:  BTE Trigger on Jericho

Explain: Jericho takes the pin here as MJF either is taken out or weasels his way out of a heated Bucks duo

AEW Women’s World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) VS Ryo Mizunami


Dylan Blight: Hikaru Shida

Win condition: Falcon Arrow into pin

Explain: The women’s tournament was fantastic, but the final sign that Mizunami was going to put on a hell of a fight against Shida was the elbows thrown at Shida after she beat Nyla Rose. I’m going to be expecting some more of that energy and this could be one of the best Women’s matches in AEW’s history.

Mikey Ball: Ryo Mizunami

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Ryo is super fucking rad, enough said.

Buddy Watson: Hikaru Shida

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: The eliminator has been awesome and Ryo winning was surprising but I can’t see Shida dropping to her. Shida really needs someone to get on her level quick and the championship booked better/more frequently like the awesome Britt-Rosa angle.

Ryan Betson: Hikaru Shida

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Ryo looks to be rad, however, I only see this belt changing to someone in AEW. Therefore Shida takes the win.

Ashley Hobley: Hikaru Shida

Win condition: Pinfall

Explain: Excited to see someone potentially push Shida to the limit but I can’t see here losing here. She is still the cornerstone of the AEW Women’s division.

Ciaran Marchant: Hikaru Shida

Win condition: A big Falcon Arrow into the win

Explain: Shida gets a clean win here and someone interrupts after the match to set up the future of the division.

AEW World Championship – Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch: Kenny Omega (c) VS Jon Moxley


Dylan Blight: Kenny Omega

Win condition: Jon Moxley is left in the ring as the 30 minutes expires and he’s blown-up.

Explain: Mox is going home in a body bag from this one. I expect Kenny will have to be close as well. But when it comes down to the final moments, after 30 minutes of gruelling warfare, Kenny will manage to execute a V-trigger on Mox and leave him stunned inside the ring as it explodes.

Mikey Ball: Kenny Omega

Win condition: How is this match supposed to end? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS

Explain: This is the toughest one I think to explain how someone can win. Each of the 90’s death matches ended in such crazy ways and I can’t imagine what a modern-day one like this can go, especially at this magnitude.

A huge part of me just kinda wants Kenny to hold on to the title, not just cause he’s the best in the world but I think he’s such a great champion for the promotion..

Buddy Watson: Kenny Omega

Win condition: Jon Moxley dies.

Explain: Jon Moxley vs the World. Violence. Possible shenanigans. Who knows what to expect. Walking straight into a trap Mox

Ryan Betson: Kenny Omega

Win condition: Explosion

Explain: This match really should favour Mox, however, I don’t see the belt changing hands here. It’s going to rock!

Ashley Hobley: Kenny Omega

Win condition: Blood. Interference. Explosions. Kenny lucks into the win.

Explain: I have no idea what the fuck is about to happen. Kenny is at the top of AEW, and arguably the entire industry, so I can’t see Moxley taking the title.

Ciaran Marchant: Kenny Omega

Win condition:  Mox gets caught in the barbed wire due to interference and Kenny retains while getting away from the explosives

Explain: Moxley is about to start a family and will need to be off TV for some time and Omega is only just building his reign.

Who is the new AEW signee that will be announced during the show?

Dylan Blight: Rob Van Dam. We’ve had a few clues about who this person could be. Mainly it’s a “Hall of Fame worthy” competitor, and that it’s one of Tony Khan’s favourites. I believe RVD fits the criteria and is someone who could both still work in-ring and mentor other talents as well.

Mikey Ball: Brock Lesnar, cause why not?

Buddy Watson: Jay Reso! My outlandish hope would be for a cleared AJ Lee to own the women’s division

Ryan Betson: It’s likely just Paul Wight himself. Christian seems to be a common choice.

Ashley Hobley: Kurt Angle

Ciaran Marchant: Gonna go with the easy pick and select Kurt Angle

Will any NEW Impact/NJPW people show up during the show?

Dylan Blight: Yes, and I’m not gonna be surprised if it’s a Bullet Club member after the Mox v Kenny event or even someone from Impact for the final slot in the ladder match.

Mikey Ball: I’d like to hope so, but God knows who at this point.

Buddy Watson: No.

Ryan Betson: Unlikely. Would be cool but unless they directly tie into a current story (Good Brothers with Kenny as an example) I don’t see it happening. With that in mind, someone like Ibushi would be dope.

Ashley Hobley: No.

Ciaran Marchant: Possibly either Bea Priestly or another female talent for the Women’s Division.