All Elite Wrestling’s second PPV for the year is considered their flagship event. Double or Nothing is always a huge show, and we’re expecting nothing less than HUGE this year with a massive audience in attendance for this show.

In the main event, you have Kenny Omega defending the AEW World Championship against not one but two opponents with The Bastard PAC and Orange Cassidy, two very different wrestlers, vying for the prestigious belt. Omega has been holding onto the AEW World Champion for six months now, by the way, so time certainly does fly.

The Women’s Championship is on the line in a battle between the honourable champion Hikaru Shida and challenger and not-so-friendly dentist Dr. Britt Baker. This will be a massive title match with Shida not only being the person that broke Britt’s nose but with Baker having run through the AEW women’s locker room and massively risen in popularity since last years Double or Nothing.

The Young Bucks are defending their AEW Tag Team belts against the man some say Kenny stole the World Champion off. Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston had quickly climbed the tag team ladder and have come to take the belts off Nick and Matt Jackson while also seeking revenge for when they betrayed Mox and sided with Kenny.

Fresh off his win a couple of week’s ago, Miro is defending the TNT Champion against Lance Archer, who is out to prove he deserves his spot and the belt. This is two giant warriors going to war and is sure to be a monster battle and a massive change of pace for the type of defences we’ve seen lately with Darby Allin.

The remainder of the card fills out with some big matches as always, but the biggest non-title match will be The Stadium Stampede. The match was born of necessity during last years Double or Nothing, but it has returned. The Inner Circle is once again taking part in the match but with The Pinnacle as their opponents, this time around following on from their brutal Blood & Guts match a month ago.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions for AEW: Double or Nothing 2021 below alongside Buddy Watson from Radio WatsonMikey Ball, and Ryan Betson from The PopCulturists.

Look for a special AEW: Double or Nothing 2021 episode of Radio Watson following the event.

[Buy In] NWA Women’s Heavy Weight Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs Riho

Ashley Hobley: Serena Deeb

Win Condition: Pin

Explain: It’s good to see Riho back in a big match for AEW, but Serena retains her title.

Buddy Watson: Serena

Win Condition: Her submission finisher.

Ciaran Marchant: Serena Deeb

Dylan Blight: Serena Deeb

Win Condition: Pin

Explain: This will be a great Buy-In match between two great wrestlers, but the NWA title isn’t changing hands on a pre-show.

Ryan Betson: Deeb

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Almost too easy. No way is this changing.

Adam “Hangman” Page VS Brian Cage


Ashley Hobley: Adam “Hangman” Page

Win Condition: Buckshot Lariat for the win and pin

Explain: Gotta continue the slow build to Hangman vs Omega II

Buddy Watson: Adam Page

Win Condition: Buckshot Lariat. Maybe even 2-3 in a row to chop him down.

Explain: Page called out Cage and has challenged him to make it one on one with no help from Team Tazz. Brian’s pride will honour that, even to the point of refusing their “help” mid-match and possibly costing him.

Ciaran Marchant:  Adam “Hangman” Page

Win Condition: Buckshot Lariat for the Pin.

Explain: This match will steal the show. Cage will turn on Team Taz as they try to interfere, turning him face, but he still falls short. This sets up further dissent in Team Taz and builds Page back up on that journey to become the ultimate baby face to take on Omega later this year.

Dylan Blight: Adam “Hangman” Page

Win Condition: Buckshot Lariat after Cage is distracted attempting to tell Team Taz member(s) to not interfere in the match

Explain: Hangman needs to float around the upper-card until he gets his rematch with Kenny, and getting back the win on Brian Cage is his first step. Since Revolution, we’ve had teases of Brian Cage splitting with Team Taz as well, and I can see a face turn coming for him. His remarks around the disrespect of Christian and when he said he respects Sting is just part of that. After Dyanmite this past week, I expect Team Taz to have one or more members attempt to interfere in the match, and Brian Cage has to tell them to stop, and Hangman takes advantage of this to get the win.

Mikey Ball: Hangman Page

Win Condition: Pinfall.

Explain: Hangman is the best and deserves to be champion. That is all.

Ryan Betson: Hangman

Win Condition: Buckshot to pinfall after attempted involvement from Team Taz

Explain: As above.

Sting & Darby Allin VS Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky

Ashley Hobley: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky

Win Condition: Sting is pinned by sky

Explain: Darby and Allen have been so strong since coming together; it’s time for them to lose a big match. It also keeps making Page and Sky look strong.

Buddy Watson: Sting/Allin

Win Condition: Darby pinfall with Scorpion Death Drop then coffin drop

Explain: I have this urge to see Allin get the Egos edge from the inside ring to the outside through a table or some object. I also want to see Page and Sky keep their momentum, but I can’t see Sting losing a live crowd like this. Playing it safe with this tip but will cheer like crazy for a Page and Sky win.

Ciaran Marchant: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky

Win Condition: Darby is knocked out of the match earlier with his build-up of injuries leaving Sting to face the team alone for much of the match. Sky locks in the Heel hook on Sting for the win.

Explain: Page and Sky need this win to establish themselves as talent. Sky is criminally underappreciated, and this continues the storyline of Darby Allen growing as a character to understand that even he has his limits.

Dylan Blight: Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky

Win Condition: Knockout Sting

Explain: Let’s go the complete opposite direction a return-to-the-ring match with the Sting would be expected to go. He’s not going to win, and in fact, he’s going to lose horribly. Darby Allin can take punishment all day, but Sting can’t anymore. Have Sky come through with his comments about ending Stings career and have him knock him right out. This feud with Darby is far from over no matter which way this match goes.

Mikey Ball: Sting/Allin

Win Condition: Win with Scorpion Death Drop.

Explain: It’s the Stinger. He’s going to win.

Ryan Betson: Sting & Darby

Win Condition: NA

Explain: This is a tough one. Sting got his first win at the street fight, and it would be cool for Page and Sky to win as the new guys. However, I am unsure what the story for either pairing is moving forward. So with Darby being hot right now, it makes sense to pick that.

Cody Rhodes VS Anthony Ogogo

Ashley Hobley: Anthony Ogogo

Win Condition: Ogogo cheats to win

Explain: If there was one thing The American Dream was known for, it was a “dusty finish”. As much as it would be amazing for Cody to win the “American Dream,” it would be in the best interests to keep making Ogogo look strong and remind Cody that he needs to continue to be his own man.

Buddy Watson: Cody Rhodes

Win Condition: Pinfall from Cross Rhodes

Explain: Fuck Cody. Fuck the patriotism promos and angle.

Ciaran Marchant:  Cody Rhodes

Win Condition: Cody hits the Bionic Elbow on Anthony Ogogo before going into the Crossroads to get the Pin on Ogogo

Explain: Normally, I would suggest using this match to build Ogogo, but then Cody brought in the American Dream moniker, and I don’t see him losing while using it. After the win, the Factory sets up the upcoming multi-man match, possibly eliminating the two Factory-based factions.

Dylan Blight: Cody Rhodes

Win Condition: Bionic Elbow

Explain: This is the match that everyone is ready to hate. The America vs British thing has stirred up a storm online, but as we saw on this week’s Dynamite, the fans are prepared to play into it. Cody is the hero going into this match, and as much as I think Ogogo should go over, I don’t see it happening after Cody’s promo a couple of weeks ago. That entire promo was built around him not so much fighting for America but fighting for his family name and the future of the Rhodes dynasty. A family that has always had American pride built into them, and Cody is even taking up his father’s name for one night only as Cody “The American Dream.” As such, I’m saying he commits and ends Egogo’s wild punches with a Bionic Elbow. Is that too much? Will it go over well? I don’t know, but only he or Dustin could do this gimmick for one night; it might as well commit.

Mikey Ball: Rhodes

Win Condition: Pinfall.

Explain: Honestly unsure of the win, but I’m SURE Rhodes will win as someone who doesn’t watch AEW weekly. He has lost heaps lately, right? [Editors note: no, he has not.]

Ryan Betson: Cody

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: I don’t see the whole America vs England battle end in the US losing. Cody really could put the new guy over; however, I do not see that being the case.

Casino Battle Royale: Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Jungle Boy vs. Matt Hardy vs. Marq Quen vs. Isiah Kassidy vs. The Blade vs. Evil Uno vs. Colt Cabana vs. Preston Vance vs. Griff Garrison vs. Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Max Caster vs. Anthony Bowens vs. QT Marshall vs. Nick Comoroto vs. Dustin Rhodes vs. Lee Johnson vs. TBA

Ashley Hobley: Christian

Win Condition: Dodges Hobbs who goes over the top rope for the win

Bonus Points (30) The Top 5:

  1. Christian

  2. Powerhouse Hobbs

  3. TBA

  4. Jungle Boy

  5. QT Marshall

Explain: Christian, much like Edge over at WWE, is in the latter stages of his career, so they might as well pull the trigger now. Expect TBA to make us go “who?!”

Buddy Watson: Cage

Win Condition: Top Rope lol

Bonus Points (30) – The Top 5: 

  1. Christian Cage

  2. Powerhouse Hobbs

  3. Matt Hardy

  4. Jungle Boy

  5. Preston Vance

Explain: It’s only been built up between Cage and Hobbs feud. The mystery man could be a factor, but it’s such a wildcard. I look forward to Ash tipping TBA as that’s his gimmick [Editors note: it appears Ash was so let down by Revolutions’ TBA he has dropped the gimmick.]

Ciaran Marchant:  Christian Cage

Win Condition: Christian Cage literally outworks everyone.

Bonus Points (30) – The Top 5: 

  1. Christian Cage

  2. Max Caster

  3. Jungle Boy

  4. Penta El Zero Miedo

  5. Sami Callahan

Explain: I think this is a great way to get Cage his title shot against Omega without needing a sizeable ongoing feud. Throughout the match, he eliminates Hobbs to continue his feud there. And is a guy whose new tagline “outwork everyone” really going to lose his first Battle Royale in the company?

Dylan Blight: Jungle Boy

Win Condition: Out manoeuvres Christian and throws him out of the ring

Bonus Points (30) The Top 5:

  1. Jungle Boy

  2. Christia

  3. Penta El Zero Miedo

  4. Max Caster

  5. TBA

Explain: Christian seems like the obvious choice here, and other than Matt Hardy, he has the most experience. But not only do I not want Christian vs Kenny anytime soon, but I also think AEW knows it’s not time for that yet either. I would love to see Jungle Boy face off against Kenny in what could be MOTY material, and it’s another way to keep building Jungle Boy into the mega-star that he will be.

Mikey Ball: Brian Pillman Jr

Win Condition: Win

Bonus Points (30) The Top 5:

  1. Brian Pillman Jr

  2. Dustin Rhodes

  3. Jungle Boy

  4. Christian Cage

  5. Matt Hardy

Explain: This is tough, but I feel like those five will be super entertaining as the last in the ring.

Ryan Betson: Christian Cage

Win Condition: NA

Bonus Points (30) – The Top 5: 

  1. Christian

  2. Hobbs

  3. Penta

  4. Jungle Boy

  5. TBA

Explain: The future looks unsure for Kenny and AEW Championship. However, on the arrival of Chrisitan, he heavily implied the title is in his path. That seems good enough for me.

Stadium Stampede: Inner Circle vs. The Pinnacle

Ashley Hobley: Inner Circle

Win Condition: Jericho pins MJF

Bonus Points – 3 Key Items Used In Match:

  1. Stadium fold-out chairs

  2. Window

  3. Tackle bag

Explain: While AEW is Stable heavy and could afford to lose one, I can’t see them ending the Inner Circle just yet. It will raise the questions: who will win the tiebreaker between these two teams, and what kind of match would it be?

Ciaran Marchant:  Inner Circle

Win Condition: Sammy Guevara pins MJF after hitting some insane high spot.

Bonus Points – 3 Key Items Used In Match:

  1. The Dynamite Diamond Ring

  2. The Golf Cart (Driven by Sammy)

  3. A Plant

Explain: This is no time for the Inner Circle to be splitting up, The Pinnacle is the heel faction here, and I believe we continue the trend of the face team winning at stampede after losing a significant event such as blood and guts. Sammy is the star of the match and shows he truly is the future of the Inner Circle and the whole damn show.

Buddy Watson: Inner Circle

Win Condition: Pinfall with Sammy getting his wish to jump off something high.

Bonus Points – 3 Key Items Used In Match:

  1. Chair (Spears, duh)

  2. Golf cart

  3. Dynamite Damond Ring (I can’t believe the life and importance it has had).

Explain: This is just the start—one all for the two teams heading into them all, breaking off into tag and singles feuds.

Dylan Blight: Inner Circle

Win Condition: Jericho chucks MJF off the top of something.

Bonus Points – 3 Key Items Used In Match:

  1. Baseball bat by Jericho

  2. Golf kart by Sammy

  3. The Diamond Ring by MJF.

Explain: They cannot split up the Inner Circle after the face-turn and having Sammy rejoin. It would be atrocious booking and a waste of a faction and characters. I expect the Inner Circle vs Pinnacle to continue for some time yet, with one v one feuds and matches to come out of this Stadium Stampede. Overall I’d expect this years Stadium Stampede to be more severe than last years, and they’ve also teased a live element, so I think some of it is pre-recorded with possibly a live finish.

Mikey Ball: Inner Circle

Win Condition: Pinfall

Bonus Points – 3 Key Items Used In Match: 

  1. A ball pit

  2. Ladder

  3. Popcorn machine.

Explain: These matches are hectic as fuck. What else can NOT happen?

Ryan Betson: Inner Circle

Win Condition: Jericho pinning MJF

Bonus Points – 3 Key Items Used In Match: NA

Explain: I do not see them splitting the Inner Circle. Plus, if AEW uses wrestling math, they got the beat down on the go-home show…. so Inner Circle wins?

TNT Championship: Miro (c) VS Lance Archer

Ashley Hobley: Miro

Win Condition: Lance Archer passes out

Explain: Miro has only just gotten the TNT title, and AEW has been apprehensive about hot shotting their titles. The Best Man will continue to be TNT Champion.

Buddy Watson: Miro

Win Condition: Pinfall from a title or illegal object shot

Explain: Too early for Miro to drop this. This match has got Shingo Takagi/Jeff Cobb NEVER Openweight title intensity and brutal, hard-hitting contest written all over it. Expecting Jake to take a bump and that distraction possibly help Miro. I would love to see Kip Sabian return in some capacity and have a blow-off one on one with Miro at some point.

Ciaran Marchant:  Miro

Win Condition: Miro destroys Lance Archer with a fantastic showing and makes the Murderhawk monster tap out to the Game Over.

Explain: Miro is finally the man he promised to be with his current title run; a loss here would derail that completely, which is unlucky for Lance Archer, who keeps falling at the last hurdle each time. AEW has yet to have a transitional Champion, and I do not see them doing that to Miro. Lance moves on to face Darby Allin down the line to further the growing feud between the two.

Dylan Blight: Miro

Win Condition: Jake “The Snake” Roberts throws in the towel

Explain: Lance Archer has grown a lot on me since his first appearance in AEW. He went from being a big dude who couldn’t pull off a promo without Jake to someone who seems ready to get rid of Jake. And that’s the direction we may be headed in as I think this will be a massive match, perhaps even one of the show steals of the night, in which it only end because Jake throws in the towel to protect his investment.

Mikey Ball: Miro

Win Condition: Submission

Explain: Miro will CRUSH everyone and anything in his path as TNT Champion. The first hiccup in the road is Lance, and he shall be flattened.

Ryan Betson: Miro

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: NA

AEW Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks (c) VS Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston

Ashley Hobley: Moxley and Kingston

Win Condition: Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift for the pin

Explain: This match is one of a couple of upsets I could see. The Young Bucks don’t really need the titles, but I could see them winning them back quickly. That does contradict what I said earlier about AEW not liking short reigns, but there’s a first time for everything.

Buddy Watson: Young Bucks

Win Condition: BTE trigger on Eddie

Explain: It has all centred around the shoe fetish of the bucks, and I’m expected the thumbtack Nikes’ to return! PWG Candace V2.

Ciaran Marchant: The Young Bucks

Win Condition: With the match all but won for the face team, they’re jumped once more by the Good Brothers before Kingston eats the BTE trigger to secure the pin.

Explain: Another hard prediction, Moxley and Kingston is pure money as a tag team, and i do not believe this will be the end of their team either but more a push for their crusade against the Elite. The Young Bucks are riding some excellent heat, and I believe having the live crowd there will be a fantastic time to grow that heat even further.

Dylan Blight: The Young Bucks

Win Condition: BTE Trigger on Eddie

Explain: I think there has to be an interesting angle towards the end of this match, or else I don’t understand where Eddie and Mox go. Of course, I could be wrong, and they win, in which case, okay damn, let’s go down that road — but I don’t think that’s happening. I don’t want the Bucks to lose, and I don’t think they will either, as the run of them and Kenny at the top of AEW has to be in tandem for some time now. I expect them all to fall in quick succession.

Mikey Ball: The Young Bucks

Win Condition: Double pinfall.

Explain: The Bucks are red hot, and I think they will continue their tenure as AEW Tag Champs. They’ll secure the win with a double pinfall with each Buck pinning Moxley and Kingston.

Ryan Betson: Bucks

Win Condition: NA

Explain: As much as I would LOVE Mox and Kingston to get the win here, I don’t see it happening unless they want to strip all the ELITE, but that isn’t happening. I feel something dirty will happen here as a way for Mox to get time off for pat leave. The exploding ring should have been that, but we know how that went.

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) VS Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

Ashley Hobley: Dr. Britt Baker

Win Condition: Clean Pin

Explain: It is time for Baker DMD to be at the top of the division. Despite a lack of credible challengers, Shida has been a grand champion, but the time is right for Baker to hold the title.

Buddy Watson: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Submission with lockjaw

Explain: Shida is amazing, but it’s Britts time. Her promo and character are bridal to with her in-ring work massively improved. She has a ready-made feud with Thunder Rosa ready and many options to rejuvenate the women’s division.

Ciaran Marchant: Dr Britt Baker D.M.D

Win Condition: Shida passes out while locked into the lockjaw.

Explain: This prediction hurts; Shida has been so excited to defend the title in front of a packed audience, and she is finally getting it, but Baker is the women to carry the belt into the next era of the AEW Women’s division. Baker is genuinely a great heel, and I cannot wait for her championship run to build up the division around her.

Dylan Blight: Dr. Britt Baker

Win Condition: Lockjaw

Explain: Hikaru Shida was the Women’s Champion in a challenging time for AEW and wrestlers all around the globe, and she has had some fantastic matches over the past year. However, it’s all about to come to an end, and no one can argue that Britt Baker isn’t the one deserving of that belt. She’s been the most over female member of the roster for some time now, and fans, myself included, have been salivating the run of Britt with the Women’s World Title.

Mikey Ball: Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D

Win Condition: Submission

Explain: She is the greatest female professional wrestler out today, so it’s just fate that she will win the title.

Ryan Betson: Britt Baker

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: It’s Britt’s time.

AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) VS Orange Cassidy VS PAC

Ashley Hobley: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Omega steals pins on Pac from Cassidy

Explain: I don’t see Omega losing the AEW Title while holding these other titles. I see this starting the destruction of the belt collector, with Pac and/or Orange Cassidy costing him his other titles in those other promotions in the future.

Buddy Watson: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Pin on Orange Cassidy after One Winged Angel

Explain: Not Kenny’s time to lose the belt, especially with Moose and Andrade on his radar. Only Hangman will dethrone him. Expect interference from Don, Good Bros, Death Triangle & Best Friends being NoDQ.

Ciaran Marchant: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Orange Cassidy Hits the Orange Punch on Pac, but before going for the pin, Omega slides in and dumps Orange out of the ring, hits the one-winged angel on Pac and gets the pin.

Explain: This is the first proper title defence for Omega in my eyes, and he is past Moxley now and has gained the Impact title. Now it’s time to start building up his reign and building up even more heat to gain momentum for the eventual Adam Page feud for the World Championship.

Dylan Blight: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Pins Orange Cassidy

Explain: I would love Orange Cassidy to come out of this as the champion, and I’m a Kenny Omega super-fan. But it isn’t going to happen. I expect an intense match that showcases the hard-hitting, high-flying mix of styles within the upper-card of the AEW roster. The fact that Orange is in this match says something about how much faith AEW has in him now. I’m hoping Kenny gets a clean win here, and if there’s any interference, it’s not by his request.

Mikey Ball: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Pinfall with interference by Don

Explain: I think Kenny has more days as champ in him. Though the idea of PAC as champion makes me quite intrigued.

Ryan Betson: Kenny Omega

Win Condition: Pinfall

Explain: Triple threat opens no DQ. Good Brothers or Don Callis will likely get involved.

Bonus Round Questions

  • Any Impact/NJPW appearances, who?

Ashley Hobley: No.

Buddy Watson: Yes. Either Rocky, ELP or Nagata for the battle Royale.

Dylan Blight: Moose is the surprise entrant in the Casion Battle Royale.

Ryan Betson: I wouldn’t know them even if they did!

  • Any shock appearances, who?

Ashley Hobley: Andrade appears after the main event to confront Kenny Omega.

Buddy Watson: Mike Tyson! The 6th Inner Circle member

Dylan Blight: Someone from NJPW thanks to Tony “The Forbidden Door” Khan.


  1. Ciaran Marchant [280]
    [AEW Revolution 2021]

  2. Buddy Watson [220]

  3. Mikey Ball [220]

  4. Ashley Hobley [180]

  5. Dylan Blight [180]

  6. Ryan Betson [160]