AEW announced Fight for the Fallen just last week, which was crazy at the time because we were just on Night/Week 1 of Fyter Fest.

It’s easy to assume the event was organised as a way to help mediate the Jon Moxley vs Brian Cage battle that had to be delayed, but the event may have been in the works for sometime soon anyway.

Last year’s Fight for The Fallen raised money for victims of gun violence; this year’s event will be raising money for COVID-19 relief through a limited t-shirt sale, donations and the $1 million already pledged by the Khan family.

The event is free-to-air on TNT and apart of the AEW subscription on FiteTV. The event promises a PPV-like event on your regularly scheduled Dynamite time slot.

Our own Dylan Blight, Ciaran Marchant and Ashley Hobley share their predictions alongside Buddy Watson from Radio Watson below. Keep track of who’s winning the overall AEW predictions at the bottom of the article.



Dylan’s Prediction: The Elite Win

This is a weird booking and I’m hoping there’s more to it than meets the eye. Currently, there’s no drama between these teams, I don’t think there needs to be either. It stands out amongst the card as a match that just feels off because the rest have some story being built towards them. Maybe the BTE episode before the show will help, or even the Road to Fight for The Fallen. Jurassic Express are a great trio, but I don’t think they’re anywhere near the level of The Elite. The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega are going to BTE Trigger to a finish. Sorry, dinosaur.

Ciaran’s Prediction – The Elite Win

Ashley’s Prediction The Elite Win

Buddy’s PredictionThe Elite Win



Dylan’s Prediction: Cody Wins

Cody ain’t dropping the belt to Sonny. That’s simple. But this is a chance to put Sonny over and I’m all about that as I think Sonny is super-talented. I’ve also become a quick fan of the Sonny/Joey Janella tag-team and Sonny doing well here could help push interest in that – alongside Joey putting up a great fight against Lance Archer last week at Fyter Fest.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Cody Wins

Ashley’s Prediction Cody Wins

Buddy’s PredictionCody Wins



Dylan’s Prediction: FTR Wins

FTR has to win here for two reasons, but most importantly is they can’t lose their momentum on the tag-team road to prove they’re the best. But beating The Lucha Bros will also show they can best teams that play around with “flippy wrestling” and thus, that means they can beat The Young Bucks as well.

Ciaran’s Prediction – FTR Wins

Ashley’s Prediction FTR Wins

Buddy’s PredictionFTR Wins


Jon Moxley VS Brian Cage (AEW World Championship)

Dylan’s Prediction: Jon Moxley Wins

This is going to be a huge match and I expect Mox to struggle against ‘The Machine’ Brian Cage, but it ain’t time to lose that belt yet. It’s going to be interesting how differently they may handle this now that the match had to be postponed out of Fyter Fest as well – will that play it? I would hope so as Taz has been calling Mox out for it.

Bonus points: he gets help from Darby Allin.

Ciaran’s Prediction – Jon Moxley Wins (DQ)

I believe Moxley retains here. Cage will drive the champ to the edge and even have the champ beat before going beyond what was needed and Taz’s advice, losing the match in the process. Would not be surprised if this is a DQ win to continue the feud past one match.

Bonus points: It’s a DQ against Brian Cage.

Ashley’s Prediction Jon Moxley Wins

Can’t imagine they would push Cage to the top so quickly but he will provide a good showing with Moxley scrapping a win.

Buddy’s PredictionJon Moxley Wins

Some might say that we are ALL IN for our predictions with this event…

Let us know who you think is going to win in the comments section below. Are we all going to regret picking the same things?


Dylan Blight – 1
(Fyter Fest)

Ciaran Marchant – 0

Ashey Hobley – 1
(Double or Nothing)

Buddy Watson – 0