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In case you didn’t know, you need an adaptor to use your PS4 camera on your PS5, necessary to play PSVR games on PS5. For months now I’ve been asking about the PlayStation 4 Camera adaptor, and we now know what it looks like and how to get one. 

Last week Sony let us know that those that want to play PSVR games on their PS5 will be able to redeem the dongle for their PS4 camera via THIS website. You simply have to enter the serial number of your PSVR breakout box.

I reported last week that some were having trouble redeeming their adaptor (myself included) and Sony seems to have done some backend work to get the redemption process working for some. A handful of others and I that had trouble with the redemption have now been able to process the adaptor order.

If you’re still having trouble redeeming your adaptor, let me know in the comments.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida shared a picture of the adaptor via his Twitter and you can see it below. 


We’ve recently learnt that Sony is making playing PSVR game’s on your PS5 even more confusing by requiring you to use the PS4 version of games like No Man’s Sky and Hitman. 

How’s the treatment of PSVR for PlayStation 5 making you feel? Let me know in the comments below.